Wild Sunflower
Wild Sunflower (Helianthus)
wild sunflower
Wild sunflower emerging

Wild sunflower in cultivated sunflower has become more common in the last several years. Wild sunflower tends to grow above the cultivated canopy and are significant competitors for sunlight, space and soil moisture. Control of wild species is of particular concern due to the ALS resistance that was identified in Kansas
wild sunflower
Wild sunflower plant

Control Strategies

1. Pre-plant burn down is necessary using any of the labeled products

2. Beyond¹ and Express² are the only labeled herbicides which provide control in cultivated sunflower. Good stewardship is necessary to prevent the expansion of wild species resistance

3. Between row cultivation or hooded sprayer herbicide application
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(1) Beyond herbicide is specific to CLEARFIELD® hybrids only. Clearfield hybrids have been developed with a resistant gene to Beyond herbicide. Applying Beyond herbicide on non-Clearfield hybrids will result in extensive damage.

(2) Express herbicide is specific to ExpressSun® hybrids only. ExpressSun hybrids have been developed with a resistant gene to Express herbicide. Applying Express herbicide on non-ExpressSun hybrids will result in extensive damage.

Glyphosate and Aim are labeled for between row hooded sprayer applications
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