Wild Buckwheat
Wild Buckwheat (Polygonum convolvulus)
wild buckwheat
Wild buckwheat

This weed is widespread throughout the production region from Manitoba to Kansas. It is an early season annual but emergence can be intermittent which complicates control. The most significant control issue is the natural tolerance to many herbicides including Glyphosate, 2-4D, and Aim. It is not as competitive in sunflower compared to other crops like wheat, but a significant seed bank can be produced in sunflower creating problems in future years.
wild buckwheat
Wild buckwheat grown

Control Strategies

1. Pre-emergent burn down using a combination of labeled products including Glyphosate. Best control when plants are 3 inches or smaller. Go to glyphosateweedscrops.org/Pubs.html for more details

2. Spartan provides fair to good control. Other pre-emergent labeled herbicides are rated mostly poor

3. Assert is rated fair to good as a post-emergent treatment

4. Between row cultivation or hooded sprayer herbicide application
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Glyphosate and Aim are labeled for between row hooded sprayer applications.
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