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2019 Crop Insurance Planting Maps
Sunflower planting date
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The final planting dates for 2019 crop insurance purposes have been announced by the Risk Management Agency. These maps show final planting dates for the Dakotas, Minnesota, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado.

The final planting date is the last day that you can plant the crop and still get full coverage. After this date the coverage is reduced by 1 percent per day and the actual final date that the crop can be planted and is anywhere from 20 to 25 days after the date listed on the map depending on the county.
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NSA Crop Insurance Priorities 2019

NSA is working with RMA to have trend-adjusted actual production history yields (Trend-Adjusted APH) for sunflower in all counties in all states that have sunflower crop insurance coverage. This would give sunflower producers another option to update their actual production history (APH) when making crop insurance decisions. Trend-Adjusted APH is available in 2019 in most counties in North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota. It is available in some counties in Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska and Texas. 

NSA is also requesting the RMA to add quality adjustment factors for Sclerotinia and dark roast for sunflower varieties bred specifically for medium seed size for hulling such as conoils in order to provide insurability for these quality factors for the 2020 crop year.

Hail Damage
Hail storms can and will cause different types of sunflower plant injury. Plant death, damage to the terminal bud, physical injury to the stalk and head, and defoliation are all types of injury that can influence yield. These guidelines can help you and your crop insurance adjuster determine losses due to hail damage at several stages of sunflower plant development.
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