Foxtail - Green and Yellow

Green Foxtail (Setaria virdis) and Yellow Foxtail (Setaria Lutescens) are the most prolific grassy weeds in sunflower, especially in the northern states. Green foxtail was identified as the second most important weed species found in 2008 sunflower fields in South Dakota. Foxtail is most competitive with sunflower prior to canopy closure taking both nutrients and soil moisture. Foxtail is a warm season plant requiring soil temperatures of 60º for germination.
Foxtail grown
Control Strategies

1. Pre-plant options include Eptam, Prowl, Sonalan, Dual Magnum and Trifluralin all provide good to excellent control of these weed species

2. Post-emerge herbicides providing excellent control include Beyond¹, Poast, Select, Assure II, Targa, Prism and Arrow 2EC

Links of Interest
(1) Beyond herbicide is specific to CLEARFIELD® hybrids only. Clearfield hybrids have been developed with a resistant gene to Beyond herbicide. Applying Beyond herbicide on non-Clearfield hybrids will result in extensive damage.
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