Marshelder (Iva xanthifolia)

This is an aggressive weed that has been most prolific on sunflower field margins/borders. It has been identified as one of the top three sunflower weed problems in the northern states, according to the NSA field surveys. Marshelder is very competitive with sunflower and will grow to heights above the sunflower plant. Its yield impact can be considerable.
marshelder grown
Marshelder grown

Control Strategies

1. Pre-plant burn down

2. Beyond¹ and Express² provide excellent control post-emergence. Some growers treat only the headlands when in-field weed control is otherwise adequate.

3. Spartan as a pre-emerge will provide partial control and is rated as poor to good

4. Between row cultivation or hooded sprayer herbicide application
Links of Interest
1) Beyond herbicide is specific to CLEARFIELD® hybrids only. Clearfield hybrids have been developed with a resistant gene to Beyond herbicide. Applying Beyond herbicide on non-Clearfield hybrids will result in extensive damage.

(2) Express herbicide is specific to ExpressSun® hybrids only. ExpressSun hybrids have been developed with a resistant gene to Express herbicide. Applying Express herbicide on non-ExpressSun hybrids will result in extensive damage.

Glyphosate and Aim are labeled for between row hooded sprayer applications.
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