2014 ~ Dr. Gary Fick
Dr. Gary Fick

Dr. Gary Fick has been a sunflower breeder since 1971. He initially worked for the USDA at Fargo, ND where he developed some of the first commercially available sunflower hybrids using the cytoplasmic male sterile and fertility restorer system. He was a key person in the release of the very first sunflower hybrids in the U.S. that were grown on 90% of the sunflower acres just a few years after their release. He was co-founder of the seed company SIGCO Research in 1977 and of SEEDS 2000 in 1992. Dr. Fick was a sunflower breeder for more than 40 years and has received many awards, including the V.S. Pustovoit Award, a prestigious international award, in 2000.
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