2009 ~ Duane Berglund
Duane Berglund

Dr. Duane Berglund and sunflower came to the heart of the production region at the same time in the late 1970s. Duane was a new Ph.D. in agronomy and sunflower was a new crop in the Dakotas and Minnesota. As a row crop Extension agronomist, Duane gave countless seminars to hundreds of growers on the basics of sunflower production. As growers matured in their knowledge of sunflower so did Dr. Berglund's presentations. He is the editor of the well known NDSU publication Bulletin #24 titled ‘Sunflower Production.' The publication has been known among producers as ‘the sunflower bible.' Duane has coordinated the annual NSA sunflower survey for many years. He retired from NDSU in 2006.
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