2014 NSA Funded Research
The National Sunflower Association selected and funded the following research projects for the 2014 year. Funding was also in part possible due to the North Dakota Oilseeds Council, South Dakota Oilseeds Council, Colorado Sunflower Administrative Committee, Kansas Sunflower Commission, Minnesota Sunflower Council and the North Dakota State Board of Agricultural Research and Education.
2014 NSA-Funded Research Projects
Molecular mapping of resistance genes effective against newly emerged, virulent races of downy mildew in sunflower

Investigator: Lili Qi, USDA ARS NCSL

  1. Phenotype F2:3 population of the cross HA 89 × RHA 464 with race 734 
  2. Investigate inheritance of DM resistance genes in RHA 428, HA 458, and 803-1, and a putative new gene from H. argophyllus accession PI 494573
  3. Identify SSR markers linked to DM resistance genes in RHA 428, HA 458, and 803-1, and to a putative new gene from H. argophyllus accession PI 494573
  4. Use SNP markers to saturate the regions where the new DM resistance genes reside

Funded Amount: $24,876
Downy Mildew: Establishment of Baseline Sensitivity to two Fungicides and Monitoring for the Development of Fungicide Resistance and Pathogen Race Changes

Investigator: Sam Markell, NDSU

  1. Determine fungicide dosages to assess sensitivity (baseline) to Dynasty and Zorbec.
  2. Assess historic and current pathogen isolates for sensitivity to both fungicides
  3. Determine if any isolates exist with resistance to either fungicide
  4. Identify pathogen physiological races from across midwest to monitor development of new virulent races.
  5. Educate another graduate student in sunflower pathology
Funded Amount: $23,342
Evaluation of Fungicides for Management of Phomopsis Stem Canker

Investigator: Sam Markell, NDSU

Description: To obtain fungicide efficacy and timing data that can be used to develop management recommendations for the disease.

Funded Amount: $16,000
Inheritance and Mapping of Sunflower Insect Resistance Traits

Investigator: Jarrad Prasifka, USDA ARS NCSL

  1. Determine the inheritance and map genes determining glandular trichome abundance, a resistance trait for sunflower moth, by phenotyping F2 plants (HA 300 × RHA 464).
  2. Determine the inheritance of resistance to red sunflower seed weevil conferred by PI 431542 using artificial infestations of adult weevils in a replicated field trial of HA 441/PI 431542 br.//HA 467; subsequently determine the feasibility of mapping this trait.

Funded Amount: $16,720
Timing of Irrigation for Tall and Short Stature Sunflower Hybrids to Help Improve Land Allocation Decisions

Investigator: Freddie Lamm, KSU NW Research & Extension

  1. Determine the yield and yield component response of tall and short stature sunflower under irrigation capacities limited to 1 inch every 4, 8, or 12 days when the irrigation season is constrained to time periods of 4, 6, or 8 weeks centered around the critical R5 (flowering) growth stage.
  2. Determine the typical irrigation amounts, crop water use and sunflower crop water productivity for the various treatments.
  3. Determine the leaf area index, biomass production, critical growth rate and seeds per plant during vegetative and reproductive growth for tall and short stature sunflower under irrigation capacities limited to 1 inch every 4 or 12 days, constrained to 4 or 8 week irrigation season duration.

Funded Amount: $20,000
Nitrogen & Phosphorus Recalibration for Sunflower in the Northern Plains

Investigator: Dave Franzen, NDSU

  1. Develop modern N recommendations for the northern plains
  2. Develop modern P recommendations for the northern plains
  3. Develop algorithms for using active-optical sensors to direct in-season N application to sunflower
Funded Amount: $75,173
Development of Super Confection Sunflower Effectively Resistant to Downy Mildew and Rust

Investigators: Lili Qi, USDA ARS and Sam Markell, NDSU

Description: Specialty Crop Block Grant Funded through USDA passing through the NSA. This is the first year for this project.

Funded Amount: $77,500
Doubled Haploid Production in Sunflower

Investigators: Chao-Chein Jan, USDA ARS NCSL and Richard Horsley, NDSU

Description: To develop an efficient protocol for doubled haploid production in sunflower that can be adopted by seed companies with modest laboratory facilities and personnel with some training in tissue culture techniques.

Funded Amount: $39,280
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