Linoleic Oil - Crude

Linoleic Sunflower Oil
Trading Rules
Specifications from American Fats and Oils Association: Rule 14

Item Value
Flash Point (AOCS Cc 9b-55) 250°F Minimum
Halphen Test Negative
Saponification Value 188-194
Unsaponifiable 1.3% Maximum
Free Fatty Acid (as Oleic) Basis 2.0%
Maximum 3.0%
Moisture and Volatile (AOCS Ca 2d-25) 0.5% Maximum
Insoluble Impurities (AOCS Ca 3-46) 0.3% Maximum
Color (in 5 1/4 inch cell or tube), as determined under AOCS Method Cc 13b-45, Bleached (AOCS Cc 8g-52), after refining (AOCS Ca 9a-52) 2.5 Red Maximum
Linolenic acid 1.0% Maximum
Rule 14 -- Crude Sunflowerseed Oil shall be pure and produced only from sunflowerseed of fair average quality by hydraulic, expeller, or solvent extraction process. The buyer shall receive an allowance of 0.1% of the invoice value for each 0.1% of free fatty acid in excess of 2%.; fractions in proportion.

NOTE: For further information or questions regarding linoleic trading rules, go to American Fats and Oils Association.
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