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2023 ‘Getting It Right’ Info; 2024 Date

Wednesday, October 25, 2023
filed under: Optimizing Plant Development/Yields

        North Dakota State University’s Agricultural Extension Service has already set the date for its next annual ‘Getting It Right’ sunflower production Zoom conference.  The 2024 version will take place on Tuesday, February 27.  Interested parties can get more information and/or register by visiting
        That same site carries extensive coverage of the topics addressed during the 2023 ‘Getting It Right’ conference, which was supported by the National Sunflower Association.  Those topics encompass all phases of the growing season, including:
Hans Kandel / NDSU agronomist —
        •  2022 Sunflower Trial Information &?Variety Selection
        •  NDAWN Sunflower Growing Degree Model
        •  Estimating Sunflower Yield
        •  Crop Survey Data Showing Yield Impact Components
Greg Endres / NDSU agronomist —
        •  Sunflower Production Guide (NDSU Bulletin A1995)
        •  Stage of Sunflower Development (A1145)
        •  Strip Till for Field Crop Production (AE1370)
        •  Replanting or Late Planting Crops (A934)
        •  Managing Saline Soils in North Dakota (SF1087)
Janet Knodel / NDSU entomologist —
        •  Banded Sunflower Moth (E823)
        •  Insecticide Application Timing for Red Seed Weevil
        •  Scouting for and Managing Grasshoppers
        •  Banded Sunflower Moth Egg Scouting video
        •  Scouting for Red Sunflower Seed Weevil video
Dave Franzen / NDSU soil fertility specialist —
        •  Fertilizing Sunflower (SF713)
        •  North Dakota Sunflower Nitrogen Calculator
Sam Markell / NDSU plant pathologist —
        •  Sunflower Disease Diagnostic Series (PP1727)
          Several other resources can be found at this website as well, including the 2023 NDSU weed control, insect management and plant disease management guides.  Also on the site are the results of the NSA crop surveys for 2019 and 2021. 
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