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New Hybrids for 2023 Planting

Thursday, December 1, 2022
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        Editor’s Note:  The following listings provide brief descriptions of new sunflower hybrids available for planting in 2023.  Those companies with new hybrids do, of course, have additional varieties on the market as well.
        Several sunflower seed suppliers indicated they will not be introducing any new hybrids for 2023, so those companies are not represented among the new listings.  Their names and websites are, however, noted at the end of the article.
        For more information on any hybrids, new or previously introduced to the market, visit company websites or contact your local sales representative.
        Individual hybrid information was provided by the respective seed companies.  The Sunflower has edited some listings for length and/or style consistency.
        •  AF3682HE™ is a new elite hybrid best suited for the Dakotas. This ExpressSun® product is a leader line hybrid with very strong agronomics and a robust disease package.  AF3682HE is a mid-maturity, high-yielding hybrid, well suited for the birdseed market.
By Winfield United
        •  CP5220CLSS is an extremely early Clearfield®  hybrid (77 RM).  It is very short-statured (3’-4’) with excellent stalks, roots, downy mildew resistance and late-season standability.  It is a great early fit for the high-oleic crush/birdseed market and an excellent choice for late planting, early harvest and double-crop application.
        •  CP5249CL has great yield potential for its maturity (85 RM).  It is a high-oleic Clearfield hybrid with very good oil content.  Data from 2021 and 2022 showed extremely consistent performance across environments.  CP5249CL is a shorter hybrid with early flowering and solid in-season agronomics, along with excellent roots and late-season standability.
        •  CP5242CL is a 92-day high-oleic Clearfield hybrid with excellent oil and very good yield for maturity. It displayed solid performance both in 2021’s droughty trials and 2022’s high-yielding trials.  It is a shorter hybrid with no major agronomic “watchouts.”  CP5242CL has great roots and late-season standability.
        •  CP4255E is a new mid-maturity (94 RM) ExpressSun high-oleic option with excellent yield potential.  Its strong agronomics allow for placement across environments.  CP4255E is a taller plant type, but held up with strong roots and stalks.  It is very good on Phomopsis.
Dyna-Gro Seed
        •  H50HO20CP has both high-oleic and Clearfield®Plus traits.  It is characterized by very good oil content and oleic values.  It is a full-season hybrid, 105-115 days to maturity.  Suited for the Dakotas from I-94 south to Texas, it has excellent yield potential with seed suitable for all markets, including birdseed.  H50HO20CP replaces H48HO15CL in the Dyna-Gro lineup.
        •  50068 CL is a high-oleic Clearfield hybrid with great yield potential.  Oil content runs 46-47%, with downy mildew resistance and mid-maturity range.  50068 CL has very good early season vigor and a good disease package.
        •  E-94 CLP is a high-oleic ClearfieldPlus hybrid similar in maturity and yield to Proseed E-93.  It runs 45-48% oil content.  A mid/early maturity hybrid, it possesses a good disease profile against Phomopsis, Verticillium, Alternaria and rust.
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