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Blackbird Researchers Seek N.D. Grower Input

Friday, January 1, 2021
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        As researchers at North Dakota State University, we are highly encouraging past and current sunflower producers in North Dakota to complete an imminent survey related to blackbird damage.  Survey questions focus on crop production, blackbird damage and bird control techniques you use on your farm.
        Your responses will allow us to understand what factors are affecting the severity of bird damage and economic losses within your fields and across the state. We want to know how you think bird damage has changed over the years, and how this has affected your decision to include sunflower in your rotation.
        Additionally, we seek to understand your satisfaction with current damage management techniques and your willingness to try new tools (e.g., unmanned aircraft systems, also called drones).  As potential control tools are identified, we need to know what novel methods may warrant further research and what factors influence your willingness to adopt new techniques.
        Responses from producers like you will better inform the science used to meet your needs and direct future research to improve sunflower production.
        Even if you have not experienced blackbird damage to your sunflower crops, we still need to hear from you.
        The survey will be mailed in January.  Please fill out as soon as possible and return in its prepaid envelope.  Or, you may instead choose to complete an online version: Bird Damage to Sunflower Crops: Survey of Sunflower Producers.
        Participation in this survey is voluntary, of course, but we sincerely hope you will take the time to respond.  Information you and other producers provide in this survey is confidential and secure; any personal information will not be associated with your survey answers.
        If you have any questions or concerns or know of other sunflower producers who may wish to complete the survey, please email either of us at:

Use the link or scan the QR code to access the online survey:

QR code to survey


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