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New Hybrids for 2020

Monday, November 25, 2019
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Editor’s Note:  The following listings provide brief descriptions of new sunflower hybrids available for planting in 2020.  All the companies listed in this article have other varieties on the market as well, of course.

Some sunflower seed suppliers indicated they will not be introducing any new hybrids for 2020 or could not provide information prior to our deadline.  Those companies are not represented in these listings, but their names and websites are noted at the end of the article.  

For more information on any hybrids, new or previously introduced to the market, visit company websites or contact your local sales representative.

Individual hybrid information was provided by the respective seed companies.  The Sunflower has edited some listings for length and/or style consistency.
  • AF3679HE™ is an ExpressSun® hybrid that is the new high-yielding leader for the mid-maturity range.  This high-oleic hybrid  produces a medium-tall plant and black grain that provides superb oil content with excellent test weight.  This hybrid is also well-suited for the bird seed market.
  • AF2690HC™ is a Clearfield® early maturity high-oleic oil hybrid well-suited for producers in northern North Dakota. A shorter-stature hybrid with good oil content and fast drydown, this hybrid also offers weed control flexibility for use with Beyond® herbicide and has a DMR trait with a good disease package.
  • AF4740MC™ is a NuSun® oil hybrid with outstanding Phomopsis, heat and drought tolerance.  It is a medium-full maturity hybrid that offers great downy mildew resistance along with excellent yield potential and stay-green.  Best suited south of zone, this hybrid with resistance to Clearfield® herbicides has outstanding bird seed market potential.
  • AF4738HC™ is a mid-maturity high-oleic hybrid that offers excellent yield potential from North Dakota to the High Plains.  With great stalk and root strength plus very good emergence, this hybrid has nice head flex with great oil content. It also features the downy mildew gene and Beyond® herbicide tolerance.  
CROPLAN By WinField United
  • CP4909E has a unique background, adding genetic diversity in the ExpressSun® lineup. This hybrid is early to mid-maturity and looks to have good adaptability North to South, with maturity between CP432E and CP455E.  CP4909E also showed strong tolerance to Phomopsis in our 2019 research plots, which has helped build a strong base for fall standability and yield. 
Dyna-Gro Seed
  • H45HO10 EX is an ExpressSun® hybrid for the northern sunflower growing region. It is a 95-105 DRM medium-maturity hybrid well suited to the Dakotas.  This is a high-oleic variety with excellent oleic values and oil content. H45HO10 EX also features strong emergence and vigor with the Express tolerance for weed control. 
Legend Seeds
  • Legend Seeds partners with Nuseed in the marketing of Nuseed sunflower hybrids. See the Nuseed listing for new hybrids for 2020.
  • N6L602 CL is not only a XXL for the export market, but also the largest-seeded confection hybrid in our entire lineup. This full-season hybrid has a NuSun® oil type and Beyond® herbicide tolerance.
  • N6L691 CL is a XXL for the export market and features a NuSun oil type. With excellent late-season plant health and Beyond herbicide tolerance, this niche market is a win for operations in fuller-season growing regions.
  • Pioneer Brand P63HE501 is a new early to mid-maturity high-oleic ExpressSun® sunflower hybrid adapted to the central to northern sunflower growing region of North and South Dakota.  P63HE501 brings high yield for its maturity, along with multi-race downy mildew resistance, strong stalks and above-average root strength.
  • 12G25 is the newest addition to Proseed’s already exceptional Clearfield® tolerant lineup.  This variety is an earlier maturing NuSun hybrid designed to bring high oil content, solid yields and great harvest flexibility, showcased by quick dry down and plant standability.  12G25 is the earliest flower in our Clearfield lineup giving it the flexibility to move north as well as perform well in southern South Dakota.
  • Proseed will be offering a limited line of ExpressSun® sunflower to growers for 2020.  The flagship of our Express line is E-91 E.  This high-oleic hybrid offers it all:  great early season vigor, industry-leading yields and the ability to perform in stressed conditions.  E-91 E is a medium/tall plant that boasts exceptional oil content and the weed control flexibility that the ExpressSun herbicide system offers.
  • For the areas that have a shorter growing season Proseed will be offering a limited amount of E-93 E.  This ExpressSun hybrid is the earliest-maturing sunflower in our lineup and is bred to offer top-end yields combined with an exceptional disease package for our Northern Plains customers.  
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