From dynamic food and beverage innovations to sustainable growing practices and premium quality, the videos below offer a testament as to why sunflower oil is the right choice for today’s food manufacturing needs.
Consumers’ Demand for Personal Wellness Sparks Demand for Sunflower Oil
consumer demand video

Product innovation is being driven by consumers’ desire for foods that contribute to their personal wellness, as well as foods that fit their working-at-home lifestyles.
Food Manufacturer Webinar
food manufacturer webinar

A roundtable discussion featuring leading food and beverage innovators from across Canada. Archive of a live event. Recorded October 27, 2022.
CIFST ALT Canada Conference (audio)
cifst alt canada conference

Michelle Pietz, Oils Technical Solutions Manager, ADM, speaks about creating Alternative Food and Beverage Products with Sunflower Oil. 
Webinar: Innovating Food Products and Menus for Today’s Trends
nsa youtube video

From foodservice menu and product innovation to health benefits and debunking common myths our panelists explore the many advantages that sunflower oil brings to their respective disciplines, in an exclusive and insightful roundtable discussion.
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