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Post Date: May 03 2021
N Calculator available for North Dakota producers
With fertilizer prices at the highest levels in the past six years and producers looking to control costs, check out the North Dakota Nitrogen Calculator for sunflower. You can find the calculator at The calculator uses new nitrogen recommendations, which were updated for the first time since the 1970s. There are also new recommendations for phosphorus (P) for sunflower in the northern Great Plains. The new N and P recommendations are based on general productivity history and not a yield prediction model. N and P recommendations are based on both documented yield responses to each and economic analysis. The NDSU Fertilizing Sunflower Circular SF713 with the new recommendations can be found online at
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Reminder about stored seed
Producers who have stored seed are reminded to keep a close eye on seed moisture. It is a good idea to have bins probed and tested regularly to protect your investment.
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Sunflower prices continue to surge as the battle for 2021 acres continues. At the North Dakota crush plants, old crop NuSun added $1.15-$1.45 while high oleic prices increased 90 cents to $1.25 in the past week. New crop NuSun prices increased 75 cents to $1.15 with high oleic up 85 cents to $1.00 for the week. During the month of April, sunflower prices set new market highs each week and are trading at levels not seen since 2012. Since April 1, old crop NuSun prices have added $4.55-$5.00 while high oleic prices have increased $4.30-$4.60. In April new crop values increased as well with NuSun prices added $3.55-$5.15 while high oleic prices increasing by $3.90-$4.90. Something else to consider when looking at new crop prices are the oil premiums that crush plants pay on sunflower. Sunflower is the only oilseed that pays premiums for oil content above 40%. Considering oil premiums that are offered at the crush plants on oil content above 40% at a rate of 2% price premium for each 1% of oil above 40%; this pushes a contract with 45% oil content gross return 10% higher per cwt. The AOG $26.05 contract increases to $28.70, and the cash $27.65 contract moves up to $30.40. Strong global vegetable oil prices and the possibility of less acres being planted later this spring will continue to provide positive forward momentum to old and new crop NuSun and high oleic prices.
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