Sunflower Highlights
Post Date: Nov 21 2016
Crop Progress
Harvest is wrapping up in all reporting states. Minnesota growers report 99% of the crop is harvested, while North Dakota producers are 92% finished.
Crop Progress - Monday, November 21, 2016
State This Week Last Week Last Year 5 Year Average
North Dakota        
Harvested 92 85 94 89
South Dakota        
Harvested 97 93 93 89
Harvested 87 85 89 87
Harvested 89 79 89 89
Harvested 99 91 100 97
Harvested 92 90 91 91
Seed Quality
High Plains 2016 2015
Oil Content 40.8% 40.7%
Foreign Material 6.3% 6.6%
Moisture 7.5% 8.1%
Test Weight 30.4 lbs 31.2 lbs
Northern Plains 2016 2015
Oil Content 43.5% 42.5%
Foreign Material 4.5% 4.0%
Moisture 9.0% 9.0%
Test Weight 30.5 lbs 30.5 lbs
Elite Syngenta® Sunflower Genetics Available Through WinField® United’s CROPLAN® Brand
WinField® United business and Syngenta have entered into a license agreement concerning Syngenta sunflower germplasm. The agreement provides the WinField United business access to sunflower genetics currently marketed through Syngenta, as well as a first right to certain new genetics. Any sunflower hybrids commercialized by the WinField United business that were previously available through Syngenta will carry the same numeric identifier to help customers ease into the new product line. While seed bags and the distribution network will look different, CROPLAN® sunflower products licensed from Syngenta will continue to come from Syngenta’s breeding program.
Sunflower prices are beginning to follow CBoT soyoil futures again after early harvest pressure. Prices had fallen on robust seed deliveries to crush plants from active producer selling in the late summer months plus deliveries of previous contracted seed. Large amounts of seed were traded as producers took advantage of attractive prices and the need to free up storage for other crops. Producer selling will likely slow down given current pricing unless storage is an issue with the hope of a rally occurring later this year or early 2017. Acreage estimates for next year are starting to roll out. Informa Economics estimated US 2017 corn acres near 90.8 million vs 94.5, four percent less than this year, soybeans 88.6 vs 83.7 up six percent from this year and wheat 47.3 vs 50.1 five percent less than 2016. Informa’s winter wheat estimate is seven percent below this year but does expect a slight increase in spring wheat acres next year. Informa also projects an eight percent increase in sunflower acres next year, four percent more dry edible beans, and a slight increase in barley and oats. The value of the dollar rose to the highest level since 2003 after remarks by Fed Chair Janet Yellen last week. This bears watching as a stronger dollar reduces purchasing power for overseas buyers and could hamper US exports.
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