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Post Date: Jan 03 2017
Mathew and Markell to Speak at NSA Research Forum
SDSU’s Febina Mathew and NDSU’s Sam Markell will be the noon speakers at this year’s NSA Research Forum, scheduled for next week. Mathew and Markell will speak about managing Phomopsis stem canker by developing a disease forecasting model for farmers to help them know when to spray and identification of resistant materials for breeding into commercial hybrids.
Register to Attend the NSA Research Forum
The National Sunflower Association’s 39th Annual Sunflower Research Forum is next week. Researchers from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, North Dakota State University, South Dakota State University, Kansas State University, Colorado State University, and Iowa State University will present their findings on sunflower studies they have conducted. Topics will cover everything from diseases, insects, irrigation, blackbirds, and more. The forum is set for January 11-12, 2017 in Fargo, ND. The forum is an annual event designed to learn about research, promote discussion, and stimulate creative thinking. For more information and to register, visit our website. You’ll find hotel information there as well. Registration is now $130 and will be $155 at the door.
Production Guides for Sunflower Available on NSA Website
It’s never too early to start thinking about spring planting, and this year sunflower looks to be a popular crop. Our Sunflower Production Resource Books have lots of helpful information; click here to access them all online. Check out the Sunflower Production Resource Book for your area. The books provide guidelines and recommendations on production practices, pest identification, field selection, and more.
The 2016 crop has had excellent quality and yields will possibly be a new record. Next week USDA will release its final 2016 sunflower production estimate. The actual harvest results in most cases were above expectations. Many people expect the USDA will increase the overall average sunflower yield by 10% or more from their October estimate of 1,600 lbs. per acre. The dollar has strengthened throughout 2016 along with the economy. Global economic weakness has dragged down competing currencies globally as well, boosting the value of the dollar. CBoT traders fear that overseas buyers who’ve already purchased a lot of corn, soybeans and wheat from the US since the start of their respective marketing years will begin to slow purchases. This is very possible considering Argentina and Brazil likely will have soybeans available starting in February or March.  This could lead to countries like China to turn to South America for export purchases resulting in a slowdown in US exports. The birdfood market has been somewhat quiet. Warmer than normal temperatures with little snow on the US East Coast, the primary market for birdfood, has slowed demand. Birdfood prices could rally if tougher winter conditions set in later. CBoT trading volume has been light to moderate due to the holidays but this trend is expected to change as traders go back to work.
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