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Post Date: Dec 05 2016
NSA Board of Directors Elects Officers
NSA Board Officers
NSA Board Officers, left to right: Robert Derras, Karl
Esping, Art Ridl, Clark Coleman, Lance Hourigan
Kansas producer Karl Esping is the new NSA Board President. Esping, of Lindsborg, KS, was elected at last week’s board meeting in Bismarck, ND. Esping will replace Dickinson, ND area producer Art Ridl as president. Ridl will now serve as NSA Board Chairman. Bismarck, ND producer Clark Coleman was elected first vice president and Lemmon, SD producer Lance Hourigan was elected second vice president. Robert Deraas of CHS Sunflower was re-elected NSA Secretary-Treasurer.
Register to Attend the NSA Research Forum
It’s not too late to register to attend the National Sunflower Association’s Research Forum. The forum is set for January 11-12, 2017 in Fargo, ND. The forum is an annual event designed to learn about research, promote discussion, and stimulate creative thinking. For more information and to register, visit our website. You’ll find hotel information there as well. Pre-registration is $115. Fees increase to $130 on December 28. Registration at the door will be $155.
Seed Quality
High Plains 2016 2015
Oil Content 40.8% 40.0%
Foreign Material 6.3% 6.4%
Moisture 7.5% 8.3%
Test Weight 30.4 bs 31.0 lbs
Northern Plains 2016 2015
Oil Content 43.5% 43.0%
Foreign Material 4.5% 4.4%
Moisture 9.0% 8.2%
Test Weight 30.5 lbs 31.0 lbs
The market spent the past few trading days digesting 2017 acreage estimates for various crops and South American production prospects. The USDA is predicting the US will produce the second largest soybean crop ever in 2017. USDA estimated US 2017 soybean acres near 85.5 million and production of over 4 billion bushels. Some private estimates for 2017 soybean acres are near 87 million acres. 2016 soybean acres were near 83.7 million. USDA estimated US 2017 corn acres near 90 million while some private estimates for 2017 are near 91.5. 2016 corn acres were near 94.5 million. Good South America weather and talk US soybean export demand could begin to slow as buyers switch to South America may be offering resistance to CBoT prices. One weather group suggested that La Nina may not be strong in 2017. This could reduce the chance for abnormal weather in South America this growing season. Some estimates suggest that the Brazilian 2017 soybean crop could be a record 103 million metric tons. There is also talk that the harvest could start earlier than normal. These factors could lead to some price weakness as some traders still feel that prices are too high given higher US 2016 supply and a favorable start for the 2017 South America crops.  Export demand and South American weather will be key trading factors in the near term.
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