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Post Date: Apr 09 2018
Register Now for Summer Seminar
Registration is now open on our website for the 2018 NSA Summer Seminar. This year’s Summer Seminar will be held at the Arrowwood Resort in Alexandria, Minnesota. Click here to register online our website. You’ll find our tentative schedule there too, as well as hotel information and more. A block of rooms has been reserved there for June 25-28. There’s a link on our website, under “Hotel Information” to make your reservation. The room block will be released May 25, 2018 but may fill up much faster so don’t wait! The program is being finalized now and more information will be coming soon. Check the NSA website for further updates. Contact Tina Mittelsteadt at with any questions.
Reminder About Stored Seed
Producers who have stored seed are reminded to keep a close watch on seed moisture. It is a good idea to have bins probed and tested regularly to protect your investment.
Exports of Kernel and In-Shell Sunflower Increase
Exports of confection sunflower, both kernel and in-shell, are on the rise. From October 2017 to February 2018, 18,823 metric tons (MT) of in-shell sunflower was exported; that’s up from 18,788 from the same time period a year ago. Mexico and Spain are the top importers of in-shell sunflower—since October, Mexico has imported 6,087 MT of in-shell sunflower while Spain has imported 8,555 MT. Exports of kernel are also up, from 3,595 MT from October 2016-February 2017 to 4,190 MT from October 2017 to February 2018. Canada imported 1,838 MT during that time period to remain the top importer.
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Old and new crop sunflower prices weathered the trade war storm finishing mixed at down 10 cents to unchanged last week. Markets have been in an uproar by a potential trade war with China. President Trump has threatened to slap additional tariffs on 100 billion U.S. dollars of Chinese imports. This is on top of the initial 50 billion announced earlier. Nothing has been implemented yet, but the talk of an additional 25% tariff on US soybeans has clearly created a heavy cloud over the market. This will probably continue until more certainty is known about the trade negotiations between the US and China. If the 25% tariff kicks in, traders feel the current large US soybean supply and slower demand for products will drive down new crop soybean prices as Chinese imports account for about 33% of the US soybean production each year. The USDA March planting intentions report gives producers a chance to see what others are thinking of planting this year and offers the ability to reset the crop plans if the market directs them to do this. USDA estimated producers will plant 1.2 million acres to oil type sunflowers in 2018 representing a minor increase of 2 percent from 2017. The estimate for oil type varieties was lower than industry expectations. New crop prices are $2.00-$2.30 per cwt. higher than last year. Diversifying market risk with some sunflower acres could be a good option in 2018.
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