Sunflower Highlights
Post Date: Jul 09 2018
Crop Progress
So far, sunflower in North Dakota and Minnesota look good -- in  Minnesota, 69 percent of the sunflower crop is rated in good to excellent condition and in North Dakota, 83 percent of the crop rates good to excellent. Meanwhile, planting is nearly finished in South Dakota, Colorado, and Kansas.
Crop Progress - Monday, July 9, 2018 
State This Week Last Week Last Year 5 Year Average
North Dakota        
Emerged 96 92 NA NA
Blooming 8 1 4 NA
South Dakota        
Planted 96 92 100 99
Planted 92 88 96 94
Planted 100 95 96 95
Planted NA 90 95 96
Harvested NA 30 NA NA
Crop Conditions - Monday, July 9, 2018 
State Very Poor Poor Fair Good Excellent
North Dakota 1 2 14 71 12
Minnesota 0 0 31 44 25
Grower Report
Colorado producer Tom Kirkmeyer is finishing up his wheat harvest and hoping for some rain to help his sunflowers. Kirkmeyer planted just over 900 acres of confection sunflower on his farm near Denver. He says it’s been a hot, dry summer and his sunflowers could use a nice soaking rain. He says his sunflowers are all emerged, but are growing a little slowly.
Sunflower Insects Emerging
The IPM Survey insect trap network in sunflowers for banded sunflower moth, Arthuri sunflower moth and sunflower moth indicated that the first trap captures are occurring. Low densities of all three moths were captured at Dickinson in southwest ND and only banded sunflower moth at Casselton in southeast ND. Click here to check out the weekly trap counts on the IPM website for sunflower insect traps. Stay tuned for future updates.
Reminder About Stored Seed
Producers who have stored seed are reminded to keep a close eye on seed moisture. Verify the seed moisture content is dry enough for storage at summer temperatures. The recommended long-term moisture contents are 8 percent for oil sunflowers and 10 percent for confectionary sunflowers. The market moisture content may be higher, but storing warm grain at higher moisture contents may lead to mold growth. Mold growth and insect infestations occur rapidly at summer temperatures so stored grain should be checked every two weeks. Click here for more information on how to safely store seed.
Upcoming Events
January 9-10, 2019 – NSA Research Forum, Holiday Inn, Fargo, ND 
Old and new crop sunflower prices lost ground last week under the weight of the ongoing U.S.-China trade situation.  Overall the oilseed complex is under enormous pressure right now and this finally spilled over into the sunflower market, which had seen a significant uptrend in prices for most of this marketing year. If producers have not priced some 2018 new crop it might be an opportunity to do so as new crop is still every close to the season highs. The U.S. imposed tariffs on $34 billion of Chinese imports on Friday. China had said it would retaliate with punitive measures on U.S. products worth a similar amount, including soybeans, pork and cotton. U.S. soybeans entering China now face an extra 25% tariffon top of the 3% duty assessed on all imported soybeans. There are rumors that the United States may ultimately target over $500 billion worth of Chinese goods, or roughly the total amount of U.S. imports from China last year. If it escalates to $500 billion as rumored, then it's going to have a significant impact for both countries.The next big market news event will be the USDA July 12 US and World Supply and Demand report. USDA is expected to adjust world supply and demand to show the impact of recent tariffs. This along with weather forecasts and crop condition ratings will be the market movers in the week ahead.
Weekly Prices Recorded on Monday, July 9, 2018 ($/CWT)
  Deliver Last Year Last Week This Week Change 2018 NEW Crop
Chicago Oil Nearby 33.62 28.77 28.74 -.03 29.26
Fargo, ND NuSun 17.00 18.00 18.00 NC 18.30
Fargo, ND High Oleic 17.00 17.90 17.90 NC 18.20
Enderlin, ND NuSun 17.00 17.70 17.80 +.10 18.10
Enderlin, ND High Oleic NQ 17.70 17.80 +.10 18.10
Goodland, KS NuSun NQ 16.75 16.60 -.15 17.05
Goodland, KS High Oleic NQ 17.75 17.60 -.15 18.20
Prices recorded here are believed to be reliable at the time of posting. All prices are subject to change. Contact these facilities for complete market details.
U.S. CRUDE OIL VALUES recorded on Monday, July 9, 2018
(dollars per 100 lb. internal U.S. location)
  Last Year Last Week This Week Change
Soybean Oil 32.18 27.13 27.11 -.02
Cotton Oil (psby) 39.68 27.77 27.86 +.11
Corn Oil 41.50 34.00 34.00 NC
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