Sunflower Highlights
Post Date: Jul 11 2016
Crop Progress
Planting is nearly complete in Texas, Colorado and Kansas, with more than 95% of the crop reported planted in those states. In the Dakotas, sunflower fields are beginning to bloom; 10% of the North Dakota sunflower crop is reported blooming already. 
Crop Progress - Monday, July 11, 2016
State This Week Last Week Last Year 5 Year Average
North Dakota        
Blooming 10 9 1 NA
South Dakota        
Emerged 82 67 84 NA
Planted 95 92 96 96
Planted 98 92 99 96
Planted 95 89 93 95
Emerged 88 77 82 85
Blooming 2 NA 1 3
Crop Conditions - Monday, July 11, 2016
State Very Poor Poor Fair Good Excellent
North Dakota 1 5 26 64 4
South Dakota 1 5 44 49 1
Minnesota 2 5 43 45 5
Colorado 0 0 31 61 8
Kansas 0 1 25 69 5
Banded Sunflower Moth Emerging
There have been reports of adult banded sunflower moth being observed in sunflowers in Canada. In North Dakota, pheromone traps run by the NDSU Extension IPM scouts have trapped low numbers (less 14 moths per trap per week) of banded sunflower moth in Cass, Barnes, and Foster counties Sunflowers were in late vegetative to early bud (R1) stages. Egg scouting is recommended during the R3 (Immature bud elongates >2.0 cm above nearest leaf) crop stage. Click here for more about banded sunflower moth.
Exports of In-Shell Sunflower Increase
Exports of in-shell sunflower have more than doubled to Mexico since a year ago. From October 2015 to Mary 2016, Mexico imported 9,279 metric tons (MT) of in-shell sunflower, compared to 4,550 MT during the same time period last year. Imports to Iraq continue to increase as well. From October 2015 to May 2016, Iraq imported 7,772 MT of in-shell sunflower, compared to 2,887 a year ago. Spain remains the top importer of in-shell sunflower; from October 2015 to May 2016, 13,932 MT of in-shell sunflower has been exported to Spain. Canada leads the way in sunflower kernel imports, with 1,877 MT imported from October 2015 to May 2016. Exports of sunflower kernel are down slighting, from 7,908 MT from October 2014 to May 2015 to 5,304 MT from October 2015 to May 2016.
Sunflower Oil Exports Increase
Exports of sunflower oil to Mexico have more than quadrupled from a year ago. From October 2015 to May 2016, Mexico imported 9,868 MT of sunflower oil. That’s compared to 2,265 MT during the same time frame a year ago. In fact, during the whole 2014-15 marketing year, only 7,138 MT of sunflower oil was exported to Mexico. Total sun oil exports are up this year as well, from 20,528 MT during October 2014 to May 2015, to 28,203 MT from October 2015 to May 2016. 
Upcoming Events
July 28, 2016 – Friends and Neighbors Day, USDA-ARS Mandan, ND
January 11-12, 2017 – NSA Research Forum, Fargo, ND
June 27-29, 2017 – NSA Summer Seminar, Rapid City, SD 
Weather and the Brexit vote results were the main factors impacting trading in the past few days. Favorable US weather and a mostly favorable US Midwest weather outlook has traders liquidating long positions.   Without a US weather concern funds do not have a good reason to be long. The trade is debating over the extended US Midwest weather forecast. Most weather forecasts point to normal to above normal temperatures with mostly normal precipitation. A few are suggesting that after the middle of July, the US Midwest could turn hot and dry. Most climatologists think we will have normal summer weather because world weather has not yet changed to La Nina, which usually signals drought type conditions in the US Midwest. Fallout from Brexit also continues to rattle markets as evidenced by the recent price volatility on the CBoT and outside markets. Investors are still moving out of risky assets and putting their money into safe havens such as the US dollar and gold. Financial markets will sort themselves out but it may take some time to do so. Besides weather and fallout from Brexit, the next big market news event will be the USDA July 12 US and World Supply and Demand report. The key to oilseed prices going forward will be US summer weather and demand news. 
Weekly Prices Recorded on Monday, July 11, 2016 ($/CWT)
  Deliver Last Year Last Week This Week Change 2016 NEW Crop
Chicago Oil Nearby 32.65 30.82 30.25 -.57 30.75
Fargo, ND NuSun 22.00 17.25 17.10 -.15 17.75
Enderlin, ND NuSun 23.75 17.00 16.95 -.05 17.60
Goodland, KS NuSun 19.10 16.50 16.45 -.05 17.55
Goodland, KS High Oleic 21.10 17.50 17.45 -.05 19.30
Prices recorded here are believed to be reliable at the time of posting. All prices are subject to change. Contact these facilities for complete market details.
U.S. CRUDE OIL VALUES recorded on Monday, July 11, 2016
(dollars per 100 lb. internal U.S. location)
  Last Year Last Week This Week Change
Soybean Oil 32.24 28.32 27.75 -.57
Cotton Oil (psby) 47.74 45.95 45.33 -.62
Corn Oil 43.00 45.75 45.75 NC
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