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Highlights from our March 2017 issue ▼

News items of interest to the industry.

NSA President Karl Esping of Lindsborg By Kylene Scott              

Summary of NSA Funded Research Projects for 2017

Researcher’s Work in Interspecific Hybridization Has Had Big Impact on Sunflower Crop Improvement

Western Minnesota’s Mark Keller Raised Both Oil & Confection Sunflower in 2016 — With Excellent Results

USDA-Led Research Explores Bees’ Effect

North Central North Dakota Grower Jeff Oberholtzer Keeps Things Moving at Seeding Time With Planter Tracks, Other Updates

Multi-Year Project at USDA Fargo Lab Resulting in Releases to Public in 2017   By Lili Qi*

N.W. Georgia Distillery Is First in World To Distill Sunflower Spirits

Excerpts from the March & April/May 1987 Issues of The Sunflower

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