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Chalfant brothers are open to experimentation

Editor’s Note:  The following listings provide brief descriptions of new sunflower hybrids available for planting in 2018 for the first time.  All these companies listed in this article obviously have other varieties on the market as well.        Some sunflower seed suppliers indicated they will not be introducing any new hybrids for 2018, or had not announced them as this article went to press, so those companies are not represented in these listings.  (Their names and websites are, however, noted at the end of the article.)  For more information on any hybrids, new or previously introduced to the market, visit company websites or contact your local sales representative.        Individual hybrid information was provided by the respective seed companies.  The Sunflower has edited some listings for length and/or style consistency.

KSU Crop Water Allocator Helps Growers Determine Optimum Combos of Crop Mix & Irrigation Amount, Plus Net Return

Coloradoan & NSA Board Member Tom Kirkmeyer Can Count on Lots of Traffic Along His Sunflower Fields During the Bloom Period

Flour from Sunflower Seeds Is a Key Ingredient in Marina Levit’s Baking Mixes

Excerpts from the December 1987 Issue of The Sunflower

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