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Scout for Head Insects
8/3/2015 Growers should be scouting for moths and red sunflower seed weevil. (more)

Start Scouting for Rust
8/3/2015 Sunflowers are still young, but itís important to scout for rust in the upcoming weeks. Rust can be managed with well-timed fungicide applications. ... (more)

Sunflower Oil A Healthy Alternative to PH Oils
6/17/2015 On the heels of the Food and Drug Administrations determination that partially hydrogenated oils (phos), the primary dietary source of industrially produced trans fat, are not Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) for use in human food, there is an ... (more)
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Sunflower Highlights
8/3/2015 It was another tough week for all commodities as gains made in July continue to evaporate. Sunflower prices at the crush plants have followed the action on the CBoT to some degree but have not sustained the same losses ... (more)

Add Sunflower Seeds to Your Favorite Recipes
6/29/2015: Often used interchangeably with dried fruits, nuts, and other seeds, kernels offer a unique, mild, and versatile flavor that is compatible with sweet, salty, and sour flavors. ... (more)

WANTED: Story Ideas
6/29/2015 Got a story idea for The Sunflower? Fill out this brief form and let us know what we should be writing about! (more)