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Thursday, January 3, 2019
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NSA Board of Directors Elects Officers
North Dakota producer Clark Coleman is the new board president of the National Sunflower Association. Coleman was elected at the early December board meeting in Bismarck, N.D.  He replaced Lindsborg, Kan., area producer Karl Esping as president. Esping will now serve as NSA board chairman.  Lemmon, S.D., producer Lance Hourigan was elected NSA first vice president, and Tom Kirkmeyer, producer from Brighton, Colo., was elected second vice president. John Zietz of Cargill, Inc., West Fargo, N.D., will continue as NSA secretary/treasurer.
New Qualified Oil Health Claims Approved                                          
Good news for the sunflower industry as the U.S. Food & Drug Administration announced in late November that it has approved a new qualified health claim for consuming oils with high levels of oleic acid, a monounsaturated fat that’s been shown to have cardiovascular benefits when it replaces heart-damaging saturated fat. Edible oils must contain at least 70% oleic acid to meet the criteria for this qualified health claim. High-oleic sunflower oil easily meets this level. Click here to learn more about the FDA announcement.
Smude’s Sun Oil Is Ag Innovator of Year
Minnesota’s Smude’s Sunflower Oil has been named the Ag Innovator of the Year by the Agricultural Utilization Research Institute (AURI), an organization formed by the Minnesota state legislature 30 years ago to help promote ag production in the state of Minnesota. AURI has given the Ag Innovator of the Year award for the past 16 years to a client, company or entrepreneur that has made a substantial impact in the areas of product innovation, uniqueness and commercialization potential.  It is the organization’s highest honor. Tom Smude began working with AURI to start his sunflower oil crushing company at Pierz, Minn., in 2010.
RMA Changes Final Planting Date in N.D.
The National Sunflower Association requested, and the USDA Risk Management Agency approved, a change to the final planting date in North Dakota counties for sunflower for the 2019 crop season. North Dakota counties that had a June 5 final planting date will now be June 10, and counties that had a June 10 final planting date will be June 15.  The late planting period will begin the day after the final planting date for the insured crop and end 20 days after the final planting date.  The change aligns North Dakota  counties with final planting dates in neighboring states and gives producers five more days of full insurance coverage.  It may also encourage producers to plant the crop rather than taking a prevent plant option in wetter springs.
RMA?Addresses Delayed Harvest Option                                              
If extremely wet or snowy conditions have delayed your harvest, the USDA Risk Management Agency’s procedures allows crop insurance companies to authorize policyholders, on a case-by-case basis, more time to attempt to harvest so claims can be settled based on actual harvested production.  If you’ve not done so, contact your crop insurance agent immediately to notify them that your harvest is delayed because of bad weather, and your insurance provider may allow additional time to complete harvest. Click here for more information.
Exports of Sunflower Oil Increase
Final sunflower oil exports for the 2017/18 marketing year are in, and oil exports are up.  From October 2017 through September 2018, 40,384 metric tons (MT) of sunflower oil were exported. That compares to 32,460 MT during the same period in 2016/17. Canada remains the top importer of U.S. sunflower oil, importing 20,282 MT of sun oil during 2017/18. That’s up from 17,869 MT imported during 2016/17.  Sunflower oil exports to Mexico tripled from 4,874 MT in 2016/17 to 12,572 MT during 2017/18. 

Exports of confection sunflower, both in-shell and kernel, were down slightly from 2016-17.  From October 2017 through September 2018, 8,345 metric tons of kernel were exported, compared to 9,652 MT the prior year.  Exports of kernel to Canada increased from 3,996 MT to 4,449 MT. In-shell exports were down from 45,158 MT in 2016/17 to 43,731 MT in 2017/18.  Spain remained the top destination, importing 20,737 MT during 2017/18, up from 18,088 MT during the previous marketing year. 
High Plains No-Till?Conference Feb. 5 & 6
The Colorado Conservation Tillage Association will be hosting the 31st High Plains No-Till Conference on February 5 and 6 in Burlington, Colo. Along with Australian pasture cropping pioneer Colin Seis, featured speakers include Jennifer Moore-Kucera, soil health specialist with USDA-NRCS, and Rick and Alec Horton of Horton Seed Services, Leoti, Kan.  There will be more than 50 breakout sessions during the conference, focusing on topics ranging from ag technology to soil health, farm business and general no-till to regenerative grazing.  The conference also features a trade show. Click here to see the complete program and registration details for the 2019 High Plains No-Till Conference in Burlington.
Dyna-Gro & AgVenture Websites
The hybrid seed article in the December issue of The Sunflower inadvertently omitted websites for two sunflower seed companies — Dyna-Gro and AgVenture. Those sites are:
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