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Hybrids Coming for 2012

Thursday, December 1, 2011
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Editor’s Note: The following listings describe sunflower hybrids that are available for planting in 2012 for the first time, or were available in only limited quantities in 2011. Companies obviously have additional varieties for sale as well as those listed here. Also, some seed suppliers have indicated they will not have any new hybrids on the market for 2012, so those firms are not represented in this article. For more details on any of these new hybrids, visit the listed websites or contact your local seed company representative.

Hybrid descriptions were provided by the seed companies. The Sunflower has edited some listings for brevity and/or style.

Croplan Genetics

• 442 E,NS is Croplan Genetics’ earliest ExpressSun® hybrid. This NuSun hybrid has fast drydown and excellent tolerance to root lodging. The short-statured hybrid delivers very strong yield and oil potential and will be a great companion to 460 E,NS. It also has field tolerance to Sclerotinia and will be treated with 4X Dynasty plus CruiserMaxx®.

• 548 CL,DMR,NS is a high-yielding early Clearfield® hybrid from Croplan Genetics. This hybrid protects you with the new PL15 downy mildew trait and is one of very few hybrids protecting from all prevalent downy mildew races (even the new PL6 susceptible races). Hybrid 548 CL,DMR,NS makes controlling weeds easier and provides more options with the Clearfield technology. In addition to strong yield and oil potential, this hybrid has a great defensive package with strong scores to root lodging, Sclerotinia, Phomopsis, Phoma and rust.

Dahlgren & Co.

• DO-4421CL now offers Clearfield herbicide technology for the sunflower industry’s first and most consistent conoil

variety. DO-4421CL combines uniformity and yield with good harvestability across all growing regions. Like DO-4421, it provides multiple marketing opportunities. It is available with CruiserMaxx and flow aid seed technology.

• D-9599XL is a single-cross XL-type confection hybrid with very large seed size, and better-than-average test weight for an

ex-long variety with a very attractive dark strip. It is a mid-maturity sunflower variety offering excellent yield along with test weight.

Mycogen Seeds

• 8C410CL is Mycogen Seeds’ first confection hybrid with Clearfield herbicide technology for expanded weed control options. It possesses very desirable seed characteristics that are in demand by confection processors. This hybrid is adapted to the southern half of North Dakota, South Dakota, the High Plains and Texas.

• 8N678S is a full-season, single-cross NuSun® hybrid. It is a short-stature hybrid with very good roots, delivering high yield with high oil content and test weight. It performs best when planted early in full-season environments.


• CL 21 from Proseed is a new 90-day early Clearfield hybrid with great yield potential. Can be used as a huller.

• CL 23, another 90-day Clearfield hybrid, has huller potential and a great

agronomic package.

Red River Commodities

Red River Commodities will be advancing two new hybrids for the 2012 growing season. One is a Clearfield hybrid and the other a new domestic type hybrid. Both have been in private company yield trials and have performed well. They will be in university tests in 2012 as well as being in farmer testing. Seed supply of both will be limited.

• RRC EX 393 is five to seven days earlier than the popular RRC 2215 variety and has a high percentage of 20s.

• RRC EX 5633 is a Clearfield hybrid with seed size, shape and height very

similar to RRC 2215.

Seeds 2000

• Sundance DMR is a high-yielding, early maturing single-cross hybrid with

genetic resistance to multiple races of downy mildew. It has excellent standability due to shorter plant height and strong stalks. Large, long, dark seeds are suitable for the in-shell and dehull markets.

• Cobalt is a very uniform, short-stature, early maturity, Clearfield variety. It is a high-oleic, single-cross hybrid with resistance to multiple races of downy mildew. Cobalt's early maturity, short stature and improved disease resistance make it a perfect hybrid adapted to short-season growing environments, late-planting situations or as a double-crop option.

Cobalt also exhibits improved tolerance to Phomopsis and Sclerotinia head rot.

• Daytona is a very uniform, short-stature, medium-maturity, Clearfield, high-oleic, modified single-cross hybrid. Daytona’s short stature, maturity and wide adaptation make it a perfect hybrid for all U.S. sunflower production areas. It exhibits improved root and stalk strength, high oil content and improved tolerance to Phoma, Phomopsis and Sclerotinia head rot.

• Badger DMR is a very high-yielding, uniform, single-cross hybrid with tolerance to the BASF herbicide Beyond®. Badger DMR combines oilseed and confection genetics to produce a large seed that processors prefer for the hulling market.

Syngenta Seeds

• 3158 NS/CL/DM brand from Syngenta delivers high oil content, simplified pest management and excellent yield. With medium plant height and excellent standability, this NuSun hybrid features very good vigor, drought tolerance and stalk strength, as well as resistance to downy mildew and other key diseases. Using the Clearfield herbicide system, growers can efficiently control yield-robbing grass and broadleaf weeds. Its 97-day relative maturity makes 3158 NS/CL/DM an ideal fit for growers in both the Dakotas and High Plains growing regions.
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