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New Sunflower Kit For Brandt Grainvac

Wednesday, November 15, 2006
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Brandt Agricultural Products Ltd, recently announced a new solution to sunflower producers wanting to handle that commodity more efficiently – the new Sunflower Kit for 5000 and 5000 EX GrainVacs.

“It’s simple technology that Brandt developed to address the challenges sunflower producers face when handling their commodity,” says Don Henry, General Manager of Brandt’s Agricultural Products Division. “Our GrainVacs bring maximum efficiency to grain handling and with this simple adaptation producers can gain that same efficiency when moving sunflowers.”

The Sunflower Kit improves the performance of the 5000 and 5000 EX GrainVac when handling sunflowers. The low density of the seed previously made moving sunflowers by grain vac difficult. With Brandt’s new Sunflower Kit installed, GrainVacs can operate at maximum capacity by directing the flow of sunflower seed into the discharge auger and using the self cleaning screen over the auger as an air diffuser. This vastly improves the GrainVac’s efficiency.

Once installed, the auger screen and inlet cover can be removed without tools so that switching between commodities is quick and effortless. The GrainVac can be operated at full PTO speed (1000 rpm) for maximum performance and efficiency. The type or size of the sunflower seed will determine which of the two included screen sizes (1/8” and 3/16”) should be used. The sunflower kit is not for use when moving other commodities because seed damage and unnecessary wear of the auger screen could occur.

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