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Big Equipment

Name: Big Equipment
Description: A big tractor with cultivator ready to go to the field.
ID Name: SUN297
Size: 237K

Getting It Ready

Name: Getting It Ready
Description: A farmer getting his equipment ready to go to the field.
ID Name: SUN299
Size: 214K

IH Combine

Name: IH Combine
Description: An International combine.
ID Name: SUN237
Size: 227K

Old Red Barn

Name: Old Red Barn
Description: This old red barn has seen a lot of equipment come and go.
ID Name: SUN300
Size: 238K

Pull Type Combine

Name: Pull Type Combine
Description: A farmer combining his sunflowers with a pull type combine.
ID Name: SUN244
Size: 219K

The Red Combine

Name: The Red Combine
Description: A farmer combining his field with shatter cane growing wild in the field.
ID Name: SUN239
Size: 260K

View From Above

Name: View From Above
Description: Foreign visitors checking out a combine from the top.
ID Name: SUN305
Size: 220K

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