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Sunflower Beetle

The sunflower beetle, Zygogramma exclamationis (Fabricius)
Population densities of only two adults with resultant larvae per plant can reduce seed yield by over 20%. Larval populations of 25 or more per plant can completely defoliate a plant and reduce yields by as much as 30%. Control measures are advised if defoliation reaches 25 to 30% on the upper 8-12 leaves and larvae are still in the early stages of growth. Application of insecticides when larvae are actively feeding has been shown to be effective in preventing economic damage. New generation adults generally do not cause economic damage to the sunflower plants. Delayed planting is effective in preventing yield reductions caused by sunflower beetle feeding.

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Adult Sunflower Beetle

Name: Adult Sunflower Beetle
Description: Adult sunflower beetle on the back of a sunflower head
ID Name: SUN120
Size: 63K

Adult sunflower beetle

Name: Adult sunflower beetle
Description: Adult sunflower beetle on leaf.
ID Name: SUN351xn
Size: 153K

Adult sunflower beetle - closeup

Name: Adult sunflower beetle - closeup
Description: Closeup of adult sunflower beetle.
ID Name: SUN353xn
Size: 89K

Adult sunflower beetles

Name: Adult sunflower beetles
Description: Mating pair of sunflower beetles, Zygogramma exclamationis.
ID Name: SUN997nr
Credits: J.P. Michaud
Size: 82K


Name: Damage
Description: Holes ate into sunflower leaves by sunflower beetle larva
ID Name: SUN121
Size: 106K

Sf Beetle Damage

Name: Sf Beetle Damage
Description: Leaf damage caused by sunflower beetle larva
ID Name: SUN123
Size: 105K

SF Beetle Larva

Name: SF Beetle Larva
Description: Sunflower beetle larva on top of a sunflower leaf
ID Name: SUN119
Size: 54K

Sunflower Beetle Larva

Name: Sunflower Beetle Larva
Description: Sunflower Beetle Larva
ID Name: SUN352
Size: 146K

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