NuSun - Refined

Mid-Oleic Sunflower Oil (NuSun)
Trading Rules
Specifications from American Fats and Oils Association: Rule 15B

Item Value
Free Fatty Acid (as Oleic) 0.05% Maximum
Moisture and Impurities
(AOCS Ca 2d-25)
0.10% Maximum
Peroxide Value 2.0 Maximum
Color (Lovibond Scale) 2.5 Red Maximum
Iodine Value 88-115.0
Oleic 55% Minimum
75% Maximum
Flavor Pleasing
(Waxes Not Separated)
Will be cloudy at room temperature
Other Possible Specs:  
Saponification Value 186-194
Unsaponifiable 1.5% Maximum
Specific Gravity by 20 Degrees Centigrade 0.917-0.924
Rule 15B -- Fully refined, bleached and deodorized Mid-Oleic Sunflower Oil (NuSun) shall be pure mid-oleic Sunflower seed Oil. It shall be produced from fair average quality crude mid-oleic sunflower seed oil from which essentially all of the free fatty acids and non-oil substances have been removed by chemical treatments and by mechanical or physical separation. (Effective 1/1/2003)

NOTE: For further information or questions regarding NuSun trading rules, go to American Fats and Oils Association.
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