NuSun - Crude

Mid-Oleic Sunflower Oil (NuSun)
Trading Rules
Specifications from American Fats and Oils Association: Rule 14B

Item Value
Flash Point (AOCS Cc 9b-56) 250°F Minimum
Halphen Test Negative
Saponification Value 188-194
Unsaponifiable 1.3% Maximum
Free Fatty Acid (as Oleic) Basis 2.0%
Maximum 3.0%
Moisture and Volatile (AOCS Ca 2d-25) 0.5% Maximum
Insoluble Impurities (AOCS Ca 3-46) 0.3% Maximum
Color (in 5 1/4 inch cell or tube), as determined under AOCS Method Cc 13b-45, Bleached (AOCS Cc 8g-52), after refining (AOCS Ca 9a-52) 2.5 Red Maximum
Linolenic acid 1.0% Maximum
Oleic (as % of TFA) 55% Minimum
75% Maximum
Rule 14B -- Crude Mid-Oleic Sunflower Oil (NuSun) shall be pure and produced only from sunflowerseed of fair average quality by hydraulic, expeller, or solvent extraction process. The buyer shall receive an allowance of 0.1% of the invoice value for each 0.1% of free fatty acid in excess of 2%.; fractions in proportion. (Effective 1/1/2003)

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