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Friday, January 1, 2021
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Hourigan Elected President of NSA Board
Lance Hourigan
Lance Hourigan
Lemmon, S.D., producer Lance Hourigan is the new board president of the National Sunflower Association.  He was elected at the board meeting held virtually on December 3 and 4.  Hourigan replaced Bismarck, N.D., producer Clark Coleman as president, with Coleman now serving as NSA board chairman. Brighton, Colo., producer Tom Kirkmeyer was elected first vice president, and Chuck Todd, producer from Onida, S.D., was elected second vice president. John Zietz of Cargill will continue serving as the NSA board secretary/treasurer for the coming year.

Register for 2021 NSA Research Forum
        Registration is now open for the 2021 National Sunflower Association Research Forum.  This year’s forum will be held via Zoom on January 13 and 14.  Registration will be $25.
        To register, visit  Closer to the event, you’ll receive a link to attend the forum virtually.
Former NSA Presidents Pass in November
Two former presidents of the National Sunflower Association passed away in November, within a week of each other.

Don Zimbleman, who served as NSA president during 1983-85, died on Nov. 21 in a Fargo hospital. He was 85 years old.
Don Zimbleman
Don Zimbleman

Zimbleman farmed at Fullerton, N.D., for most of his life. Among his many civic and agricultural leadership posts, he served in the North Dakota Legislature. His obituary noted that he “always said that farming was in his blood and the dirt and grease on his boots and on his hands gave him strength to tackle anything.”

Former NSA president Milt Lakness passed away on Nov. 28 due to a combination of Parkinson’s disease and after-effects of Covid-19.  He was 84 years of age and had been a resident of a nursing facility in Estelline, S.D., for several years.
Milt Lakness
Milt Lakness

Lakness, who farmed near Hayti, S.D., served as NSA president in 1986/87 and, prior to that, was an NSA board member.  He was an original member of the South Dakota Sunflower Council, which was established in 1980.  Lakness also served in the South Dakota Legislature for eight years, from 1974 to 1982.

Correction: New Hybrids / S&W Seed Company
        In the article titled ‘Sunflower Hybrids: What’s New for 2021’ in the December issue of The Sunflower, two new hybrids from S&W Seed Company were inadvertently omitted.  With apologies for that error, we are providing S&W’s descriptions for these hybrids here.  For more details, visit or call (720) 506-9191.
      •  Sunflower PartnersTM brand SF110 HO/CL is a new very early maturity high-oleic Clearfield® hybrid.  This hybrid is well adapted as first planted crop to North Dakota’s shorter growing season areas as well as a late-planted and double-crop option in South Dakota and the southern High Plains.  SF110 HO/CL provides high yields for early maturity needs, has above-average oil content and consistent oleic levels above 80% while still providing strong stalks and roots, as well as disease tolerance, including multi-race downy mildew tolerance.
      •  Sunflower PartnersTM brand SF440 HO/CL is a new medium-maturity high-oleic Clearfield hybrid.  It is well adapted to South Dakota and the southern High Plains as well as in fuller-season areas of North Dakota.  SF440 HO/CL is a consistent yield winner, has very high oil content and consistent oleic levels above 85%. It has excellent standability, multi-race downy mildew tolerance and excellent late-season disease tolerance.
Enrollment for ARC and PLC Programs
        Agricultural producers can now make elections and enroll in the Agriculture Risk Coverage (ARC) and Price Loss Coverage (PLC) programs for the 2021 crop year.  These key USDA safety-net programs help producers weather fluctuations in either revenue or price for certain crops, and more than $5 billion in payments are in the process of going out to producers who signed up for the 2019 crop year.
        Producers can elect coverage and enroll in crop-by-crop ARC-County or PLC, or ARC-Individual for the entire farm, for the 2021 crop year.  Although election changes for 2021 are optional, enrollment is required for each year of the program.  If a producer has a multi-year contract on the farm and makes an election change for 2021, it will be necessary to sign a new contract.
        If an election is not submitted by the deadline of March 15, 2021, the election defaults to the current election for crops on the farm from the prior crop year.
          For 2022 and 2023, producers will have an opportunity to make new elections during those signups.  Farm owners cannot enroll in either program unless they have a share interest in the farm.
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