2024 Pre-Proposal Research Grant Application
The National Sunflower Association (NSA) provides grants to public researchers to stimulate new or additional work that may result in lower production costs, increased quality, and higher yields. Go to the 2024 NSA Research Priorities page to view the priorities for the upcoming year.
To apply for a grant, interested researchers need to submit a two-page maximum pre-proposal in a Microsoft Word document for all new projects that includes the scope of work, objectives, and total project cost. Deadline for pre-proposal research grant applications is October 3, 2023. Download the application by clicking on the link below.
2024 Pre-Proposal Research Grant Application file size: 24 kb
Pre-proposal grant application form for 2024 NSA Research Priorities

The NSA does not allow awarded grant funds to be used for any overhead or indirect cost by the recipient or their employer. Do not include these types of expenditures in any grant application.
The NSA Research Committee will review each pre-proposal and then vote whether to receive a full proposal from the researcher. Principal investigators will only need to submit a full proposal if selected.
This call for pre-proposals is issued in conjunction with the North Dakota State Board of Agricultural Research and Education.  Proposals can be submitted jointly using the same application form. Policies and procedures for this grant program can be found at: https://www.ndsu.edu/vpag/sbare/agricultural_research_fund/policies_and_procedures/
If you are currently working on a project that was approved in the past two years, you do not need to submit a pre-proposal to ask for additional funding for 2024. You will be notified to submit a full proposal.

NOTE: Pre-proposal grant applications will be accepted electronically in Microsoft Word ONLY. No PDF documents will be accepted. Email completed Word documents to rheam@sunflowernsa.com. You will receive a return email showing that your pre-proposal has been received. All pre-proposal applications will be reviewed by the NSA research committee in late October 2023. Applicants will be informed shortly thereafter if chosen to submit a full proposal. Full proposals will be reviewed by the NSA research committee in mid-January 2024 and the NSA Board of Directors will make final funding decisions in late February or early March.
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