Texas Sunflower Production Doubles
Post Date: May 05 2014
Despite the ongoing drought in Texas, sunflower is proving to be a valuable crop for Texas farmers. The five-year Census of Agriculture showed that sunflower seeds were one of the only crops whose production increased significantly between 2007 and 2012, jumping from 46 million pounds grown in 2007 to more than 103 million pounds in 2012.

“The increase in sunflower production is obviously good news for the sunflower industry, but it’s good news for producers as well. We hope it makes more growers consider planting sunflower this year,” says Mike Williams of Red River Commodities, Inc. and member of the National Sunflower Association’s Board of Directors. “Sunflower is a great crop for Texas farmers, because it is drought resistant and requires far less water to grow than many other crops.”

The doubling of sunflower seed production is consistent with the rising popularity of sunflower seeds for both food consumption and oils. The USDA reports oil and non-oil sunflower acres intended for 2014 are up from 2013, from 1,575,500 acres in 2013 to 1,592,000 acres in 2014. In Texas, acres of non-oil sunflower are expected to increase 153% in 2014, to 69,000 acres planted.

For more results from the Census of Agriculture, visit www.nass.usda.gov. And for more about sunflower, visit www.sunflowernsa.com.
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