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Sunflower a Good Option for High Plains

Sunflower a Good Option for High Plains (document) File Size: 133 kb

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6/17/2014: Sunflower could be the perfect crop for producers in the High Plains states this year, thanks to competitive prices and recent moisture in Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Texas. And it's not too late to plant sunflowers and still qualify for crop insurance.

Texas Sunflower Production Doubles

Texas Sunflower Production Doubles (document) File Size: 201 kb

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5/5/2014: Despite the ongoing drought in Texas, sunflower is proving to be a valuable crop for Texas farmers. The five-year Census of Agriculture showed that sunflower seeds were one of the only crops whose production increased significantly between 2007 and 2012, jumping from 46 million pounds grown in 2007 to more than 103 million pounds in 2012.

Sunflower Oil is Heart-Healthy Alternative

Sunflower Oil is Heart-Healthy Alternative (document) File Size: 133 kb

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2/3/2014: February is American Heart month, and the National Sunflower Association wants Americans to know about the health benefits of sunflower oil.

South Dakota is Top Sunflower-Producing State for 2013

South Dakota is Top Sunflower-Producing State for 2013 (document) File Size: 47 kb

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1/13/14: USDA annual report shows South Dakota produced more sunflower than any other state in 2013.

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