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You Are Here Media Center > 2012 Summer Seminar Presentations

The annual Summer Seminar provides an opportunity to learn about a range of vital and timely topics. Below are the speakers, highlights of the topics they addressed, and their June 27, 2012 presentations.

Panel Discussion:

A four-person panel presented their viewpoint on the outlook of sunflower oil in terms of marketing and utilization. Featured speakers included: Guy Christensen, ADM-Enderlin; Tyler Schultz, Cargill-West Fargo; John Swanson, Mentor, Minn. farmer and seed industry representative (retired) and Asim Syed, applications development with Dow AgroSciences. Presentations from Syed, Swanson and Schultz are available for viewing.

Asim Syed, Dow AgroSciences (document) File Size: 1230 kb

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Dow AgroSciences

John Swanson (document) File Size: 80 kb

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Seed Industry Representative (retired) & Minnesota Farmer

Tyler Schultz, Cargill, Inc. (document) File Size: 73 kb

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Cargill, Inc.

How NASS Works for Sunflower Producers

USDA-NASS representative Patrick Boyle offered those in attendance a chance to get a first-hand explanation of how the organization works for sunflower producers. Boyle spoke about weekly crop progress reports and annual acreage and production reports. He also explained the structure of NASS, some of their policies and procedures, and internet connectivity.

Patrick Boyle, USDA (document) File Size: 393 kb

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USDA-NASS Deputy Director, North Dakota Field Office, Fargo, ND

Herbicide Tolerant Varieties

One of the afternoon breakout sessions featured Ryan Bond of BASF and Bob Weigelt of DuPont Crop Protection. The two company reps talked about developments and technologies pertaining to herbicide-tolerant Clearfield and Express hybrids. The session provided information on new advancements in this important technology. Ryan Bond offered a promotional brochure on the new development of Clearfield Plus, and Weigelt's event presentation is viewable here.

Clearfield Plus (document) File Size: 1133 kb

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More information

Bob Weigelt, Dupont Crop Protection (document) File Size: 4138 kb

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NSA SNP Update

Drs. Brent Hulke and Lili Qi of the USDA-ARS Sunflower & Plant Biology Unit in Fargo, ND and Dr. Pegadaraju Venkatramana (Venki) of BioDiagnostics, Inc. provided a progress report on the genetic project known as the NSA SNP Project. Their discussion included progress to date, future plans and implementation on the breeder level.

SNP Update (document) File Size: 956 kb

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Presented by: Drs. Brent Hulke and Lili Qi USDA-ARS; and Dr. Pegadaraju Venkatramana, BioDiagnistics, Inc.

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