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You Are Here Media Center > 2011 Summer Seminar Presentations

The annual Summer Seminar provides an opportunity to learn about a range of vital and timely topics. Below are the speakers, highlights of the topics they addressed, and their June 22, 2011 presentations.

Panel: Reversing the Trend of Declining Acres: Will We Have the Tools?

New tools are in place and more are coming in the attempt to reverse the trend of declining sunflower acres. Panelists John Sandbakken, NSA Marketing director; Dr. Brent Hulke, USDA/ARS Research Geneticist; Dr. Sam Markell, NDSU Plant Pathologist and Kevin Capistran, Minnesota grower and NSA board member discuss tools pertaining to marketing, breeding, disease research and grower incentives and whether these tools will be sufficient to do the trick.

Get Adobe Reader (link)

You will need to have the free Adobe Reader software to access the coloring book which are PDF (portable document format) files. Go to to download the free software if you don't already have it installed.

John Sandbakken (document) File Size: 430 kb

Marketing Director, National Sunflower Association

Dr. Brent Hulke (document) File Size: 191 kb

Research Geneticist, USDA-ARS Northern Crops Science Laboratory

Dr. Sam Markell (document) File Size: 18839 kb

Plant Pathologist, North Dakota State University

Kevin Capistran (document) File Size: 800 kb

MN Producer and Board Member, National Sunflower Association

Social Media: New Marketing Tools

Chuck Zimmerman of ZimmComm New Media defined social media and social networking terms and provide live examples of each. Terms included blog, podcast, RSS feed, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and software/hardware options to utilize them to communicate with and engage customers and consumers.

Social Media New Marketing Tool (document) File Size: 3718 kb

Chuck Zimmerman, ZimmComm New Media

Factors that will Influence Global Ag Trade over the next 10 Years

Mike Dwyer, Director of Global Policy Analysis Division within the Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS), discussed analyses on a wide variety of strategic issues that affect U.S. and world agricultural trade, including those that affect the emerging biofuels market.

Factors that Will Influence Global Ag Trade Over the Next 10 Years (document) File Size: 1658 kb

Mike Dwyer, Foreign Ag Service, USDA Global Policy Analysis Division

Future of Fungicides: What's on the Horizon

New-to-market fungicides are expected to be registered for the 2012 season that have activity on Sclerotinia head rot. Representatives of DuPont™ and BASF detailed research plans for the 2011 season in anticipation of 2012 registrations. Doug Meadows, special project manager for DuPont, described Vertisan™ while Kent McKay, technical service representative for BASF, will discuss research and labeling plans for Endura™. The session was chaired by Dr. Sam Markell, NDSU extension plant pathologist.

Future of Fungicides: What's on the Horizon - Vertisan (document) File Size: 333 kb

Doug Meadows, Special Project Manager, DuPont

Future of Fungicides: What's on the Horizon - Endura (document) File Size: 579 kb

Kent McKay, Technical Service Representative, BASF

Defining the Use of Sharpen™ Desiccant

Product marketer, BASF, has conducted detailed investigations into the use of Sharpen on sunflower in 2010. Technical service representative Kent McKay described their findings and the use recommendations for the 2011 season.

Defining the Use of Sharpen Desiccant (document) File Size: 8570 kb

Kent McKay, Technical Service Representative, BASF

Update on the NSA SNP Project

Drs. Brent Hulke of USDA ARS Sunflower Unit and Pegadaraju Venkatramana (Venki) of BioDiagnostics, Inc. provided an update on this broad genetic project. This included progress to date, future plans and further discussion on implementation at the breeder level.

Update on NSA SNP Project (document) File Size: 969 kb

Dr. Brent Hulke, Geneticist, USDA-ARS Sunflower Research Unit
Dr. Pegadaraju Venkatramana, PhD; DNA Technologies; BioDiagnostics, Inc.

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