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You Are Here Sunflower Magazine > Harvest Attachments

Sunflower Magazine

Harvest Attachments
April 2000

ABM Manufacturing

This Salina, Kan., firm manufactures “Flexo Guards,æ which have

been around since the early 1950s. Designed for use on milo and dwarf

sunflower, the Flexo Guards extend 12 inches beyond the sickle to

retrieve and deliver the milo or sunflower heads to the auger. The

flexible steel tines, spaced on three-inch centers, minimize grain loss

and help the heads engage the sickle section for a clean cut and

efficient sickle action, says ABM. The tines’ backward pitch helps

ensure feeding of the crop heads toward the auger.

Flexo Guards come in seven- or eight-point sections, customized to

match the header on which they’re to be attached. (They can be used on

nearly any conventional header.) Clip-on installation simplifies

mounting, and an optional grain-saver boot attachment helps adapt them

to most harvest and crop conditions.

One use of the Flexo Guards is in the harvesting of high-population

dwarf sunflower. These attachments have been widely utilized in milo

for many years and, more recently, tested successfully on conventional

row-crop sunflower, the company reports.

For More Information: ABM Manufacturing (Div. of A & B Machine,

Inc.), P.O. Box 863, Salina, KS 67402-0863 — Phone: (800) 252-2059; fax:

(785) 827-3416.

Faul Manufacturing

This Harvey, N.D., firm builds the “Quick-Attach” System. The

system “puts an end to the exhausting task of mounting sunflower pans to

the combine,” according to Albert Faul. Rather than the pans being

mounted to the combine platform, they are installed on a quick-attaching


Once installed, the pans remain in position for use as needed. The

combine is then simply driven forward and engages the unit, which is

secured to the platform by a series of chain-buckles.

“These Quick-Attach systems do not come equipped with pans and

dividers, but most makes of pans can be fitted to the frame,” Faul

reports. The systems can be built to fit most platform models.

Faul Manufacturing also builds pans, end boards, drums and

draper-type headers.

For More Information: Faul Manufac-turing, Inc., Hwy. 3 & 52

Bypass, Harvey, ND 58341 — Phone: (701) 324-2361.

Intersteel Industries

This Manitoba company has been producing sunflower headers for more

than 35 years. Its standard harvest attachment features a rotating drum

for consistent feeding, with straight-cutting reel bearings and drive on

the drum. Nine- or 12-inch pans are mounted on the guards, welded

together in groups of two or three.

Intersteel sunflower harvest attachments are available for all

makes of combines and various header widths. Along with the nine- and

12-inch pan widths, Intersteel also offers a 27-inch pan width option.

For More Information: Intersteel Industries, Box 1451, Morden, MB

R6M 1B3, Canada — Phone: (204) 822-5055.

Lucke Manufacturing

The Lucke sunflower attachment originally dates to 1966, with

design modifications implemented within recent years. “We have a system

with unmolested stalks, therefore saving the large seed on the outer

diameter of the head,” reports Stewart Lucke. Nine- or 12-inch pans are

available for 24- and 30-foot width systems. Lift rods also are


The company sells direct to farmers from its Minot, N.D., location.

For More Information: Lucke Manu-facturing, 305 33rd Avenue S.W.,

Minot, ND 58701 — Phone: (701) 839-8817.

Luecke Enterprises

This Hays, Kan., firm offers “CropSavr Pans” to help pick up downed

crops and save head and shatter loss. Manufactured since 1985, the pans

now have a simpler, sturdier and less-expensive design. These pans can

be fit to any combine grain header and are adjustable to any crop

height. They mount with two bolts per pan and are supported by a bar

beneath the header. A push rod controls the pans’ nose height. The

pans, which can float upward while running on the ground, have a trough

on each side to catch crop shatter.

More recently, Luecke has developed a line of low-cost “CropSavr

Mini-Pans.” Fully adjustable, they are six inches wide and 20 inches


For More Information: Luecke Enter-prises, 765 E. 41st, Hays, KS

67601 — Phone: (785) 628-1426.

Midwestern Machine

Midwestern Machine of Jamestown, N.D., markets the “Seed-Eater”

line of sunflower pan attachments. Originally known as the “Bonco”

line, the attachment comes with standard nine-inch pans, but Midwestern

also has available a 12-inch pan option as well as other custom-ordered

widths. The attachment, which fits most popular model combines, can be

used to harvest corn in addition to sunflower, according to its


The Seed-Eater’s 18-inch-diameter drum-style reel carries two

spirals of bolt-on finger straps which can be adjusted to any row

spacing. The unit’s “Easy-Tach” mounting system eliminates the need to

drill holes in the platform when installing, and the optional

“Uni-Mount” frame avoids the need for a bracing system.

For More Information: Midwestern Machine, P.O. Box 304, Jamestown,

ND 58402 — Phone: (701) 252-4275.

Ray-Mac, Inc.

Ray-Mac, Inc., produces and markets the “3-Way Row-Crop Header,”

originally known as the “Lee Way” attachment. The unit’s name comes

from its ability to harvest corn and milo as well as sunflower.

The Ray-Mac attachment uses floating contoured snouts to direct

sunflower stalks into positive-feed augers. Seed loss due to shattering

under dry conditions is virtually eliminated, according to the


Gathering angle and cutting height can be adjusted hydraulically

from the combine cab. Also, the adjustable snout point’s angle matches

that of the overall snout for positive on-ground float, thus

facilitating the lifting and harvesting of downed plants. A hydrostatic

variable-speed control lets the operator match the unit to harvest


A simple hookup design allows a single individual to connect or

disconnect the 3-Way Header in about five minutes.

Models are available in 20-, 22-, 24-, 30-, 36-, 38- and 40-inch

row spacings — and, depending upon the spacing, in six-, eight-, 10-,

12- or 14-row sizes.

For More Information: Ray-Mac, Inc., P.O. Box 457, Gwinner, ND

58040 — Phone: (800) 542-4416; (701) 678-2452; or (701) 724-3879. The

company’s web site address is .

Shield Industries

Headquartered in Hutchinson, Kan., Shield Industries manufactures

and sells the “Britten Crop Saver,” which was originally developed by a

Colorado farmer. This nonmechanical crop-saving attachment fits all

direct-cut grain headers, including 0.2-inch cutting systems. Initially

designed for milo, it also works well in sunflower.

Shield Industries has redesigned the Britten system to utilize

longer polyurethane pans and wider collection gaps between each

section. These changes allow for more positive transportation of

sunflower plants through the cutting area.

The patented Britten Crop Saver units consist of polyurethane pans,

six points to each three-foot section, with each section held in place

with three bolts and supported by a steel framework. The units work in

any row width and will fit any size header. Seed loss is minimized by

the longer pan fingers, and the system alleviates the need to purchase a

sunflower header.

For More Information: Shield Indus-tries, Box 687, Hutchinson, KS

67504 — Phone: (800) 798-1968 or (316) 662-7221.

Sonnrise Mfg.

Fleming, Colo., sunflower producer Dean Sonnenberg is the man

behind the “Sonnrise Sunflower Harvest System,” which he has had on the

market for more than a decade.

Sonnrise’s six-foot-long pans are available on 12-, 15- or 30-inch

centers, with the system featuring a shielded three-bat reel. Stock

sizes fit 20-, 24/25- and 30-foot headers. For sunflower in 30-inch

rows, pan widths of nine,12 or 27 inches are recommended. The nine- or

12-inch pans can be used on any row width as well as with drilled

sunflower. Other pan widths can be custom ordered.

Each Sonnrise pan is carried on its own frame beneath the grain

platform for easy attachment and removal. The shield effectively

stretches out the sunflower stalks, thereby reducing foreign material.

Sonnrise recently has added a flexing corn row-style snout between

rows for lifting sunflower stalks. It also offers a bolt-on flexing

stalk lifter for rescue operations.

For More Information: Sonnrise Manufacturing, 37744 Road 34,

Fleming, CO 80728 — Phone: (970) 265-4325.

SSR Pump

SSR Pump of Michigan, N.D., has been manufacturing a floating-pan

attachment since the 1970s. Designed to be particularly effective on

lodged or down sunflower, the SSR unit features a beaked hood which fits

in front of three-foot-long catch pans. Geared for 30-inch rows, the

floating pans fit any combine, according to SSR.

SSR’s “Quick-Tach” pan attachment system is available with nine- or

12-inch straight pans. Pans can be attached or removed in less than 20

minutes. A 2x4-inch support bar and 3/16-inch mounts for sickle guards

are used, as are two angles per pen for support purposes. Fall shields

cover the bearings and drive.

For More Information: SSR Pump Company, P.O. Box 149, Michigan, ND

58259 — Phone: (701) 259-2331.

Westward Products

Westward introduced the high-capacity “Sunmaster 1095” head in 1995

as the “only true complete header designed principally for sunflower.”

The attachment also can be used for dryland corn.

Sunmaster is designed to fit all major line combines. “Drive into

the header, hook up the power shaft, and you are ready to harvest,”

advises Westward Products’ Scott Waldie. The attachment is available in

eight- and 12-row units with row spacings of 20 to 30 inches. The

Sunmaster has been used in solid-seeded sunflower fields as well.

Sunmaster has a four-blade rotary cutter at the rear end of the

gathering chain, so the plant stalk is cut right at the platform.

Vibrating pans catch seeds from any shattering that may occur, thereby

minimizing seed loss.

For More Information: Westward Products, Inc., Airport Road, P.O.

Box 2062, Jamestown, ND 58402 — Phone: (701) 251-2182.

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