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New Hybrids for 2018

Friday, December 1, 2017
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  •  AF3N680ES is a high-yielding, disease-tolerant, mid-oleic ExpressSun® hybrid that is well suited for the birdseed market. It offers herbicide flexibility and is well adapted for downy mildew-prone environments. 
CHS Sunflower
  • RH804CLP is an early Clearfield® Plus XL hybrid with very good drydown capability.  RH804CLP stands well and has good yield potential.  The seed (24-25mm) fits well into long seed markets. 
CROPLAN By WinField United
  • 568 CL?HO is a superior yielding Clearfield® hybrid with high oil content, a stable higher oleic. Very good on Phomopsis.  Slow drydown, so more suited to southern North Dakota, South Dakota and the High Plains region.  It has a more-erect head than other Clearfield varieties.
  • 7919 CL?HO is a Clearfield® variety with outstanding yield.  Taller, with great standability.  Very good stalks and roots, good on Phomopsis.  Has quicker drydown than 568 CL?HO.  Should be a better fit for mid- to southern North Dakota.
Legend Seeds
  • Legend Seeds partners with Nuseed in the marketing of Nuseed sunflower hybrids.  See the Nuseed listing for new hybrids for 2018.
Mycogen Seeds
  • MY8H131CL is a very early maturing high-oleic hybrid with Clearfield® herbicide technology. It’s the perfect hybrid for double-crop planting as far north as South Dakota and normal or delayed planting in North Dakota.
  • MY8H270CL is an excellent early high-oleic hybrid with Clearfield® herbicide technology that delivers dependable yield potential and test weight. It is well-suited in the high-oleic oil, bird food and dehulling markets.
  • N4HP470 is the first Clearfield® Plus in the Nuseed lineup. It is a medium maturity high oleic with downy mildew resistance. Its oil content and stalk and root strength are excellent, along with late season plant health. 
  • N4HE302 is an ExpressSun® high oleic perfect for birdfood or the oil crush market. Its medium-early maturity, good late-season plant health and outstanding oleic percentage puts it as an excellent fit from north to south and east to west.
  • N4HM505 is a medium-late maturity targeted for South Dakota and the High Plains. This high-oleic, Clearfield®, downy mildew-resistant and high-yielding hybrid is a must-have on the farm.
  • E 50016 CL is a new Clearfield® “three-way threat”?hybrid from Proseed.  Approved for the hulling market, it will hit both the high-oleic and NuSun markets in addition to the birdseed market.
Red River Commodities
  • RRC 2310 is an early maturing single-cross hybrid whose primary market is the Dakotas.  Its physiological maturity is two to five days earlier than 2215.  Black seed with two distinct stripes on the edges.  Seed size of 70-75% over a 22/64.  Seed length is 18mm.
  • RRC 2414’s primary market is the High Plains region.  It has a physiological maturity of two to four days later than 2215.  Seed is black with stripes on edge.  Seed size of 75-80% over 22/64.  Seed length is 18-19mm. 
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