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Monday, January 30, 2017
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’16 Crop Delivers Record Yield
       The 2016 U.S. sunflower crop produced a record-breaking yield. In its January crop estimate, the USDA placed the average yield at a record high 1,731 lbs/ac, up 106 lbs from 2015. Average yield of oil-type sunflower varieties increased by 152 lbs from 2015’s 1,579 lbs/ac to a record high 1,731 lbs/ac in 2016. The average yield of confection sunflower decreased by 139 lbs from last year’s record high (1,865 lbs) to 1,726 lbs/ac. Still, the 2016 level represents the second highest yield on record for nonoil sunflower acreage.
       North Dakota was the top sunflower-producing state in 2016, harvesting 1.14 billion lbs, a 7% increase over the previous year. Compared with 2015, planted area in North Dakota decreased 4%; but average yield increased by 192 lbs to a record high 1,715 lbs/ac. Meanwhile, production in South Dakota declined 14% from 2015; but the average yield in South Dakota went up by 100 lbs to a record high 1,958 lbs/ac.
       Across the nation, harvested oil-type acres were down 9%, but total production of oil-type sunflower varieties decreased less than 1% from 2015 due to the record national average yield. Overall production of oil-type sunflower in 2016 was estimated at 2.4 billion lbs in the January USDA report.
       Production of nonoil sunflower varieties in 2016 was estimated at 286 million lbs, down 47% from the prior year. Area harvested, at 165,500 acres, was down 43% from 2015. As noted previously, while the average nonoil yield decreased by 139 lbs from the 2015 level, the 2016 average of 1,726 lbs/ac still represents the second highest nonoil yield on record.
Production Guides Available
       It’s never too early to start thinking about spring planting, and this year sunflower looks to be a popular crop. The NSA’s Sunflower Production Resource Books have lots of helpful information; click here to check out the Sunflower Production Resource Book for your area. The books provide guidelines and recommendations on production practices, pest identification, field selection and more.
Yield Trial, Disease Rating Data
       Yield trials are an important way for producers to look at a hybrid's performance in several locations, over several years and environments. Yield is one component of the trials. Click here to find yield trials and hybrid disease ratings for your state. 
Research Requests $331,000+
       The National Sunflower Association received 14 research proposals for 2017, totaling $331,239. The NSA Research Committee met in early January to review proposals and make recommendations for the NSA Board of Directors. The NSA board will make final decisions on funding during their annual spring meeting in late February. Proposed projects include studies of insects, disease and production.
Research Forum Well Attended
       Nearly 125 growers, industry representatives and researchers attended the National Sunflower Association’s 39th annual Sunflower Research Forum, held on January 11 and 12 in Fargo, N.D. Researchers from several states and Canada provided a total of 19 oral presentations plus another 10 posters. Attendees heard research reports on weed control, insect management, advancements in disease control, drone use and other topics. This year’s presentations also will be posted on the NSA’s website.
NSA E-Publications Available
         Interested in getting a link to a digital copy of Sunflower Highlights each week in your email? Click here to sign up on the NSA website. A digital copy The Sunflower magazine is available there as well. For sunflower prices at various locations, click here.
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