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Sunflower Magazine

Research and Development
Choose an article below by clicking on a title or go back to the categories. To search the archives and other pages on the site, use the Google Search feature located in the box at the bottom left of the page.

Pounding the Trail of Genetic Diversity February 2016
2015 National Sunflower Crop Survey January 2016
NSA 2016 Research Priorities October 2015
‘Aspirational’ Research September 2015
NSA 2015 Research Funding Summary April 2015
One ‘Wild’ Career January 2015
Patience Is a Virtue — And a Necessity January 2015
Research Priorities: 2015 January 2015
Seeking Answers August 2014
Sunflower's Genetic Gains March 2014
USDA Pathologist Calls it a Career February 2014
Driven by Helping People and Making a Difference February 2014
Plant Spacing Again on Survey Agenda for 2014 February 2014
2013 NSA Crop Survey Report January 2014
Pathologists Form Working Group, Seek Input January 2014
2013 Farm Bill Conference Outlook December 2013
NSA Research Priorities, 2014 December 2013
Omega-9 Sunflower Oil Process Moves Forward November 2013
Spring Survey to Focus on Plant Spacing Issue April 2013
Progress With Rust-Resistant Confections April 2013
2012 NSA Crop Survey Report January 2013
Agricultural Research Amongst the Igloos November 2012
Combine Fire Research Progresses September 2012
2011 Crop Survey Report January 2012
Building New Hybrids: Opportunities & Challenges January 2012
Larry Kleingartner Bids NSA Adieu January 2012
Kentucky Research Explores December 2011
Choosing the Right Relatives Is Possible December 2011
S.D. Study Looks at Combine Fire Causes & Solution August 2011
ARS Sunflower Unit Reorganized August 2011
Update on SNP January 2011
Doubled Haploids January 2011
2011 Research Areas of Interest December 2010
Hidden Medical Molecule November 2010
Recent Public Sunflower Research Appointments September 2010
Russian Drought Implications Huge for World Market September 2010
SNP, SNP, SNP September 2010
Working for the Sunflower Growers of South Dakota April 2010
Sunflower Genome Holds Promise of Sustainable Ag February 2010
’09 Crop Survey Summary December 2009
Sunflower Briefs November 2009
Providing More Tools to Central Plains Growers November 2009
A Day to Celebrate September 2009
Impact of Sunflower Genome Sequencing September 2009
Robert Robinson: A Pioneer in Sunflower Research September 2009
Return on Investment April 2009
2009 NSA Research Support April 2009
Investing in Research January 2009
Research Priorities Established for 2009 December 2008
Building a Genomic Map of Sunflower November 2008
Inside the Blue Roof Inn November 2008
Jerry Miller Receives ISA’s Pustovoit Award September 2008
‘Let the Work Begin’ November 2007
2008 NSA Research Priorities November 2007
USDA Develops More Downy Mildew Resistant Lines September 2007
The Wild Search for Sunflower Genetics September 2007
The Progress of Clearfield Sunflower February 2007
NSA Sets Production Research Priorities for 2007 December 2006
End of a Research Era December 2006
The Road to Sclerotinia Resistance April 2006
Operation Oilseed February 2006
AIDS Drug from Sunflowers? February 2006
Building Better Stalk Rot Resistance January 2006
It Ain’t Easy Being a Sunflower Breeder November 2005
New Curt Stern Scholarship Announced September 2005
Call of the Wilds February 2005
Squelching Sclerotinia December 2004
A Future for Broad Spectrum Weed Control? April 2004
Advancing NuSun™, Ltd Irrigation December 2003
Super-Sized Sun Seeds November 2003
Making Headway with Sunflower Genetics September 2003
25 Years of Sunflower Research February 2003
New Pesticide Labels Key Priority in 2002, Among NSA Objectives for 2003 December 2002
NSA Sets Research Priorities for 2003 December 2002
Molecular Geneticist New Dimension to Sunflower Research September 2002
Screening Hybrids for Sclerotinia December 2001
National Sunflower Association Highlights in 2001 December 2001
Powerhouse of Benefits? September 2001
NSA Committee Sets 2001 Research Priorities October 2000

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