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Sunflower Magazine

Marketing/Risk Management
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Sunflower Briefs February 2016
Will the March Reports Be Less Bearish? February 2016
Insuring Sunflower in 2016 February 2016
Sunflower Briefs January 2016
El Niño Patterns Taking Hold January 2016
Sunflower Briefs November 2015
Bearishness Persists November 2015
Oil Sunflower Market Outlook - 2016 November 2015
‘Sunflower Farmer’ a Social Media Fixture November 2015
Sunflower Briefs October 2015
Price Keys: World Weather, Planted Acreage/Crop I October 2015
Sunflower Briefs September 2015
What Can Change the Market’s Bearish Attitude? September 2015
Jim Krogh Receives 2015 NSA Gold Award September 2015
Sunflower Briefs April 2015
Not Much News in Markets; Waiting on the Weather April 2015
Sunflower Briefs February 2015
Volatility Continues in Most Markets February 2015
Sunflower Briefs January 2015
Fresh Market Issues Create Volatility January 2015
Insuring Sunflower in 2015 January 2015
Sunflower Briefs December 2014
USDA Reports; Looking Toward 2015 December 2014
Oil Sunflower Market Outlook December 2014
Sunflower Briefs October 2014
USDA Reports; Looking Toward 2015 October 2014
Farm Bill Decision Time for Sunflower Producers October 2014
Sunflower Briefs August 2014
The Perfect Bearish Storm August 2014
Impact of the FSMA on the Sunflower Industry August 2014
Hot Topics in the Veg Oil Industry August 2014
Weather Trends August 2014
Using Social Media to Promote Sunflowers August 2014
Sunflower Briefs March 2014
The Focus: Planting Intentions; Then Weather March 2014
Farm Bill Epilogue March 2014
2014 Price Outlook: Bear or Bull? February 2014
Colorado Checkoff Group Seeks Assessment Hike February 2014
Sunflower Briefs February 2014
Sunflower Briefs January 2014
Current New-Crop Prices Favor Soybeans & Sunflower January 2014
Insuring Sunflower in 2014 January 2014
Sunflower Briefs December 2013
Nov. USDA Reports December 2013
Sunflower Briefs November 2013
Row Crop Yields Among Key Market Uncertainties November 2013
Sunflower & the Produce Rule November 2013
Sunflower Briefs August 2013
Slow Economic Growth Impacts Ag August 2013
Sunflower Briefs April 2013
Signs Point to Volatility into ’13 Season April 2013
Your Checkoff Dollars At Work April 2013
Sunflower Briefs February 2013
January USDA Reports Analysis February 2013
Sunflower Briefs January 2013
New NSA Officer Slate January 2013
Market Volatility Continues January 2013
Sunflower Briefs December 2012
Numbers Review: Bearish Soybean December 2012
Sunflower Briefs November 2012
Markets Likely Extremely Volatile Through Winter November 2012
Sunflower Has a Bright Future November 2012
Farm Bill Update 2012 November 2012
Sunflower Briefs September 2012
Next Marketing Year September 2012
Farm Bill Drama September 2012
NSA Board of Director Changes September 2012
Sunflower Briefs April 2012
It’s All About Weather & Yields April 2012
Pustovoit Award Goes to Two USDA Scientists April 2012
The Spitster Sunflower Seed Cup April 2012
Sunflower Briefs February 2012
Price Volatility Ongoing February 2012
Farm Bill Capsule February 2012
Colorado Vote February 2012
Sunflower Briefs January 2012
Volatility & Generally Weaker Prices January 2012
Sunflower Briefs December 2011
Three Factors Pressure Markets December 2011
Sunflower Briefs November 2011
Price Moves Now About Demand November 2011
40-Year Career in Sunflower November 2011
Sun Seeds Boost Military Personnel November 2011
Prevented Planting Acres November 2011
’Flowers Intended for 458,000 November 2011
Sunflower Briefs August 2011
2012 Acreage Bidding Underway August 2011
Non-Dairy Sunflower Beverage Introduced August 2011
Sunflower Briefs March 2011
Bull Market Continues Being Fed March 2011
It’s Sunsational March 2011
Sunflower Gains Traction in Texas March 2011
Sunflower Briefs February 2011
Tight Supplies & Weather Issues February 2011
’Flowers Do Well in Cost/Return Survey February 2011
Sunflower Briefs January 2011
New Themes Add to Oilseed Market Strength January 2011
2012 Farm Bill: What’s the Prognosis? January 2011
Insuring Sunflower: What’s New in ’11? January 2011
Sunflower Briefs December 2010
World Oilseed Markets Continue to Tighten December 2010
Sunflower Briefs November 2010
Recent Developments Point to Lively Winter Markets November 2010
A Conversation with NSA President Don Schommer November 2010
Sunflower Briefs September 2010
The Sunflower Marks 35 Year September 2010
Sunflower Briefs April 2010
Revenue Insurance Price = More ’Flower Acres? April 2010
Sunflower Briefs February 2010
January USDA Reports Short on Bullish Market News February 2010
S.D. Study Supports Change in RMA Planting Date February 2010
Sunflower Briefs January 2010
Why Oil SFs Haven’t Rallied; Bullish Factors January 2010
Sunflower Highlights December 2009
Sunflower Benefits from Strong Soy Oil Market December 2009
Oilseed Markets Should Stay Firm Through ’09 November 2009
Lack of Heat in ’09 Season May Be Big Market Issue September 2009
Use Rallies to Complete Old-Crop & Start New-Crop April 2009
USDA’s January Corn Numbers Carry Implications for February 2009
No Letup in Market Volatility January 2009
Sunflower Crop Insurance for ’09 January 2009
The Economic Crisis & Ag Markets December 2008
Ag Market Rallies Will Depend November 2008
Markets Come Off Turbulent Summer September 2008
Sunflower Gains Traction in New Production Areas September 2008
No Letup in Wild Markets April 2008
My 2008 Sunflower Plan April 2008
Bullish News Continues Flowing February 2008
Market Looking Sunny for Confections in ’08 & Beyo February 2008
Sunflower a Strong Competitor in Race for ’08 Crop January 2008
Profit Potential for Sunflower Very Promising January 2008
Time to Check Out '08 Contract Prices December 2007
Good News on Revenue Assurance for Sunflower December 2007
The Basics of Sunflower RA December 2007
Price Volatility Continues November 2007
Historical Volatility September 2007
Sunflower Crop Insurance for 2007 February 2007
The Power of Compounding Oil Premiums February 2007
The Race for ’07 Acreage December 2006
New Crop Contracting Underway December 2006
Bidding for New Crop November 2006
Sunflower Crop Insurance for 2006 February 2006
‘Flowers Coming Up Roses November 2005
Fundamentals Favor the Bulls September 2005
High Return Potential February 2005
Multi-Peril March Madness? February 2005
Bullish Sunflower Prices January 2005
‘Flowers Coming Up Roses November 2004
Managing Sunflower Price Risk September 2004
Insuring Sunflower in 2004 January 2004
Postharvest Sales November 2003
Marketing ’03 Sunflower April 2003
Insuring Sunflower in 2003 February 2003
New Farm Bill, New Oilseed Changes and Options November 2002
Marketing Your ’02 Sunflower Crop November 2002
NSA Seeking Sun Loan Fix September 2002
Insuring Sunflower in 2002 February 2002
The Basics of Sunflower Marketing February 2002
Best Time to Take The Sunflower LDP September 2001
Could You Be Stiffed Payment? February 2001
Breaking Even at $600 an Acre February 2000
Pocketbook Padder February 1999
A Wealth of Market Experience January 1999
What Form for Crop Insurance Reform? January 1999
Now That This Farm Bill is Law April 1996
Congress, Ag Sector Ponder Proposals August 1995

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