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Sunflower Magazine

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Natural-Air/Low-Temp Drying of Sunflower September 2015
Estimating Harvest Seed Loss September 2015
S.D. Cleaner Systems Slashes Fire Risk February 2015
What’s Available in Sunflower Harvest August 2014
SDSU Ag Engineers Seek Solutions to Combine Fires February 2014
Tips For A Smoother Harvest February 2012
Weather Could Drive Busy Fall for High-Temp Dryers August 2011
Temporary Storage Via Bagging December 2010
Sunflower Drying & Storage: A Late-Season Memo November 2010
High-Tech System Aids Stored Crop Management November 2010
Harvest Attachments and Conversion Kits September 2010
Sanitation Key for Avoiding Combine Fires September 2010
Causes of Combine and Tactor Fires September 2010
S.D. Growers Convert Row-Crop Head September 2010
The Cost of Moisture Shrink September 2010
Back After a Quarter Century December 2008
Drying ’Flowers in November? November 2008
Harvest an Ongoing Education September 2008
Benefits of Earlier Harvest September 2008
A ‘Well-Adjusted’ Harvest September 2008
Harvest Attachments & Conversion Kits September 2008
Nothing Fine About ‘Fines’ in Harvest September 2008
Automatic Fire Extinguisher System for Combines September 2008
Estimating Seed Loss September 2008
Dry Is Good (But Not Too Dry) September 2008
Proper Storage: The Basics September 2008
Preharvest Glyphosate: The ’07 Experience December 2007
Target Glyphosate at Seed Moisture Under 35% September 2007
Tips for a Successful Sunflower Harvest September 2007
Any Cover Is Better Than No Cover September 2007
“Air is Key” September 2007
Glyphosate Labeled For Late Season Sunflower April 2007
Check Your Oil November 2006
An Earlier Sunflower Harvest for Many September 2006
Storage Considerations with an Earlier Harvest September 2006
New Technology Makes Bin Checking Easier September 2006
Storing sunflower into Summer April 2006
Silage Bag Storage Aids Kansans December 2005
Post-Harvest Sunflower Drying, Storage Tips November 2005
Harvest Fundamentals September 2005
Drying Sunflower in Kansas September 2005
Post-Harvest Sunflower Storage Tips November 2004
Tips for a Successful Sunflower Harvest September 2004
Tips on Drying, Storing Sunflower September 2004
Will the Crop Pull Through? September 2004
Keep It Cool November 2003
Sunflower Combining Clinic September 2003
Are Your ‘Flowers Harvest Ready? September 2003
Better Harvest, Better Crop on the Way? September 2003
Keep “Killers of Stored Seed Quality” at Bay November 2002
Maximizing Sunflower Quality and Profit Potential September 2002
Is Your Sunflower Ready for Winter Storage? November 2001
Harvest Early if Lodging Looms September 2001
Don't Fully Trust Mother Nature to Dry Your 'Flowers September 2001
Consider Unharvestable Sunflower for Livestock Forage September 2001
Reduce Drying Costs April 2001
Weigh Harvest, Storage Options January 2001
Harvest's Golden Rule August 2000
The Y2K Harvest August 2000
Keys to Sunflower Quality August 2000
It All Comes Back to Basics August 1999
Insects and Fumigation August 1999
Should I Desiccate my Sunflower Fields? August 1999
Seeds Stored into Spring Still Require Monitoring April 1999
Temporary Storage of Sunflower Seed September 1998
When Green, Not Brown, Is the Color of Harvest September 1998
Crop Year Review December 1997
Benefits of an Early Harvest August 1997
Higher-Moisture Harvest Benefits August 1997
Moisture Meter Match August 1997
The Shrink Factor August 1997
The "Too-Dry" Dilema August 1997
1996 Crop Year Review December 1996
Factoring the Heat From Your Fans August 1996
Minnesotans See Dividends In Higher-Moisture Harvest August 1995
When Natural Air Drying Does, Or Doesn't, Work August 1995

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