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Sunflower Magazine

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Full Sun Company February 2016
Barefoot & Chocolate January 2016
Vintage Maine Kitchen Potato Chips November 2015
Crushing & Refining in Southeastern Colorado October 2015
2015 NSA Summer Seminar Panel Summary September 2015
POP! Gourmet Popcorn September 2015
Smude's Sunflower Oil December 2014
North Fork Chips August 2014
Sun Oil Splash January 2014
Mexico: A Land of Opportunity for U.S. Sunflower April 2013
GoPicnic February 2013
New Products Drive the Spanish Snacks Market January 2013
Kettle Brand January 2013
U.S. Sun Oil in Canada December 2012
A Bite of Sun December 2012
NSA Works in Turkey to Promote Sunflower Seeds November 2012
Got Nots! November 2012
High Oleic Sun Oil: Soon to Become the Standard? September 2012
Chippery September 2012
Mona’s Granola February 2012
Groundbreaking Sun Oil Being Introduced January 2012
Spudniks January 2012
Somersaults Snacks December 2011
World Market Slow to Transition to High Oleic November 2011
SunButter: Positioned for the Future November 2011
Sunflower Key Part of Sustainability Project November 2011
On a Mission From Spain August 2011
Bird Food Market Healthy February 2011
High-Oleic Sun Oil January 2011
Confection Sunflower Update January 2011
Veg Oil Gains Respect As Energy Takes More Product November 2010
Sunflower Oil Hits the Road November 2010
Local Firms Market Cold-Press Sun Oil November 2010
Another Type of Sun Oil on Horizon February 2010
NSA Hits Airwaves at PBS February 2010
S.E. Colorado Plant Adds Refining Phase January 2010
Crushing Seeds & Bottling Oil in Hoxie January 2010
Export Programs Increase Sunflower Product Sales January 2010
’Flower Crusher Helps Resolve ‘Stinky’ Issue September 2009
Fried & True April 2009
Biodiesel: What It Means for Sunflower November 2008
Affirming Sunflower’s Importance to Bird Feeding September 2008
Using Sunflower Hulls to Absorb Oil Spills September 2007
Virtual Sunflower Production January 2007
America’s First Sunflower Milk December 2006
A Solid Leader for Sunflower December 2006
Bird Feeding Industry Outlook November 2006
Sun-Based Dust Buster January 2006
Landmark Bird Feeding Study Underway December 2005
“Dependable Crop, Reasonable Price” December 2005
Key Issues on NSA Agenda for 2005 December 2004
High Demand for High-Oleic Oils December 2004
Global Sunflower Market Trends November 2004
Crush Time in Southeast Colorado November 2004
Less CRP? September 2004
The Changing Sunflower Market February 2004
Bird Feeding Big Business January 2004
Motoring on Sun Oil November 2003
Search for Healthier Oils Spurs High Oleic Acreage Rise February 2003 January 2003
New Popcorn First to Use Sun Oil January 2003
Market Moo-ver: Canadian producer finds niche market December 2001
Heating with Sunflower Hulls November 2001
Biodiesel May Power More Engines, Sunflower Too January 2001
Sunfower Foods For The Holidays December 2000
The 'Big Easel" Coming to the High Plains October 2000
A Look at the Chinese Market for US Confection Sunflower October 2000
Biotechnology - The Great Equalizer for Sunflower? August 2000
Making the Grade August 2000
Program Goal: More U.S. Sun Kernel Consumption March 2000
A Worthy Partner August 1999
Sunflower Meal Applications - For Livestock & Poultry Feeds August 1999
Sun Seeds Perform Well in Dairy Study August 1999
Chinese Market for U.S. Confections Blooming April 1999
Bless Those Birds March 1999
'95 Report Put Birdfood Impact at $423 Million March 1999
CLA: Will it Provide a Major Market for Sun Oil? January 1999
Optimizing the Quality of Your Confection Crop April 1998
NSA Promotion Efforts Are Paying Off in Spain April 1998
Global Oilseeds '97 December 1997
U.S. 'Flower Stats April 1997
NSA Explores Mexican Market March 1997
Sun Seed Exports: Where'd They Go? March 1997
U.S. Confection Sunflower a Hit in Germany and Spain January 1997
Global Oilseeds '95 December 1995
Baseball and Sunflower Seeds August 1995
Annual Economic Impact of the U.S. Sunflower Industry March 1995
Nutrient-Dense Sunflower Fits Well-Balanced Diets March 1995

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